Two Girls Extended Weekend Trip @ Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam (Day 4-FINAL DAY)

Today mark the last day of our girly weekend trip. We woke up at 8am today, had breakfast and check out at 11am as we wanted to go for a last cuppa Vietnam coffee and lunch before going to the airport.

We make our way to a nearby Highland Coffee and I had a iced blended green tea jelly while G chose a cup of authentic Vietnam coffee. It was sooo good as usual.

My green tea jelly which is very creamy and flavourful!
For lunch, we went to Pho24 as we had not tried Pho (flat noodle soup) yet for this trip. This branch is by far my favourite and their deep fried meat spring rolls are very addictive. G loves it and had second serving!

Beef ball noodle soup
Deep fried meat spring rolls
Chicken Pho
By 1pm, we took a cab and left for the airport. Airport is about 30 mins away and the cab fare is about VND100k. 

The queue at the check in counter is very long :( had to queue for very long before I manage to check in. 

When I touched down, my little ones were waiting for me and when they saw me, they ran over to me! So happy to see mummy after 4 days, and I miss them too!!!

Mummy is properly recharged! Yay!!!! Time to go back to reality :)

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