Great for family/ friends bonding- KUKUP 2 day 1 night TRIP

Situated in Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia- KUKUP Fishing Village is a wonderful place for family/friends bonding. 

The chalets are build on the sea and there is not much attractions around the area so basically most activities are done in or around the chalet which is great for bonding.

There is no place to park the car in front of the chalet as all of the chalets are build on water, so do park your car (if you are driving) at the designated car park before the jetty. We parked at JJ Carpark (RM7 for 24 hours) and the staff send us to the jetty area using his van. We can then walk or take a boat to the chalet. 

We decided to walk....and we manage to enjoyed a cooling and refreshing coconut pudding on the way...
Refreshing coconut pudding
Very nice and refreshing thought is a bit pricey RM9
There is also some stalls selling dried seafood- anchovies, etc.
Bicycles are available for rental ...

The chalet we stayed in...
There are lots of chalet available and I think all of them catered meals for the guests as there is not much restaurant nearby.

The one that we stayed provides 5 meals - lunch, teatime, dinner, supper, and breakfast. The chalet is generally quite clean, it has 3 rooms with a couple of double decker beds in each room. Each room is provided with one toilet with hot water shower.

Lots of activities are available at the chalet. Some are complimentary and some require a small fees. 

Darts (RM 2 per person per game)

Pool table (RM 10 for 3 games)
Darts and pool table
There is also unlimited k'oke in the chalet itself (complimentary)

K'oke room
If you are more of a mahjong or cards person, it is available as well (complimentary)


At night, one could buy some fireworks to play or release "lantern" into the sky... (can be purchased from the chalet staff)

For the girls, you can call for manicure or pedicure service at the comfort of the chalet at RM 38. The girl did a good job for my pedicure and it lasted a few weeks, so I am a happy girl.

Time for pedicure
Love the colour
Pedicure service
The next morning....

Good morning Kukup!
Breakfast ...
After breakfast, we continue to chill , sang some k'oke and it is time to go back. We took the boat, back to the jetty, pick up our car and home sweet home..

View from the boat
Bye Kukup!


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