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Two Girls Extended Weekend Trip @ Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam (Day 2)

Good morning! We both had a very good sleep and it is wonderful to waking up feeling recharged!
First stop today is to my favourite Banh Mi Stall. So, what is so special about this stall? Most of the Banh Mi sold in HCM uses pork meat or sausages as filling and some of them did not even heat up the cooked meat. This stall uses fish paste meat, deep fried, and top with vegetable. Lastly , their own special sauce is added and serves warm to its customer. No publicity whatsoever. 
The first time I sample this banh mi is by coincidence and I could not find any blog recommending this stall and I am glad that after searching it on google map, I manage to find the location for this stall. So, after venturing out in the morning, we found this stall! 
The banh mi is still very nice and even after 2 years, the price remains the same! Priced at VND 10K (SGD $0.60) , it is still the best banh mi I ever try! Not to be missed if you are visiting Ho Chih Minh. I had double serving cause it is just …

Pulau Ubin Half Day Trip (Singapore)

It was a Saturday and hubby just got a last minute idea on a trip to Pulau Ubin. It is my first time visiting the island despite staying in Singapore for many years now.
We parked our car at the car park near the ferry terminal and bought the ferry ticket, and off we go! The ferry ride is only about 5-10 minutes and you will reach an island which has an entirely new feeling. You will definitely not felt that you are in Singapore at all. Lush greeneries, old shophouses, very laid back and clean air. There is no skyscrapers and no hectic lifestyle. 
We rented bicycles and went cycling around the island...

Definitely a good exercise for us ... cycling and chaffering the kids as well...
After cycling around the island, we went for coconut water to cool down...
The food is very good, fresh and nicely done.