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Kuala Lumpur Getaway October 2014--- Colmar Tropicale and KidZania (Part 2)

13th October 2014
Today we will be hitting KidZania. I have heard many great reviews about this place and now that my kids are a little older (2 years old and 3 and 1/2 years old), it is time for us to bring them to visit.
After a quick breakfast of biscuit, milk and cheesecake (leftover from yesterday), we are on our way to KidZania.
Located in Petaling Jaya, just 10-15 minutes drive from our hotel, we reached KidZania at about 11.30am.
We were greeted warmly by the Air Asia check-in counter where we bought our "tickets". We were then given a wrist watch which is our ticket to a fun-filled day.
When we scanned in, it is like how we check in for flight. The counter will take note of how many people go in a group (e.g.: 2 adults and 2 childrens) and you can only check out with the same amount of people, this is to ensure that kids doesn't leave the building on their own.
The kids were also given a cheque with the amount of 50 kidzos (currency in Kidzania). First stop is t…

Kuala Lumpur Getaway October 2014--- Colmar Tropicale and KidZania (Part 1)

We had been to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia a couple of times so wanted to do something different this time round. Our initial plan was to go watch turtles in Terengganu or Cherating, but the car journey there is quite long and we only have a couple of day for this getaway so decided to go KL instead.
Intially, the plan is to travel to Colmar Tropicale and stay one night there. Then travel to KL and stay 2 nights. Later on, decided to just stay all 3 nights in KL so that we don't need to move our luggage around. Plus, Colmar Tropicale is about an hour away from KL so we could do a day trip from KL. KidZania is situated in Petaling Jaya so we decided to try out Hilton Petaling Jaya...
11th October 2014
Departing JB at 9.30am, we began our journey...30 minutes down the road, little boy fall asleep and he only wakes up 2 hours later so we had a pretty peaceful trip. 
Halfway through, little girl commented "Mummy, I am very happy we can go to KL"... that is so sweet, kid'…