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Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 6

We woke up at 8 plus in the morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of kangaroos. However, still no signs of them. Bumble bee Justin is disappointed so he ended up helping me to wipe the window and he is pretty good at it.

Jaclyn woke up and both of them went out to the sun deck to see if there is any kangaroo come hopping... None :(
We had breakfast and left at 10.30am for Gibson Steps Lookout. It is a mere 5 minutes drive from where we stayed. 
Instead of driving to the next lookout @ Twelve Apostles, we decided to be a little bit more adventurous. We did the Great Ocean Walk of 2.2km to Twelve Apostles with the kids...

Daddy detour back to drive the car over so that we do not need to walk back. Meanwhile, I got us a sausage roll and coffee. While enjoying our sausage rolls, lots of birds came flying around us. They wanted some food as well so we fed them with the bread we bought couple of days back.

And we have reached the Twelve Apostles. The view is great, really as good as it is in t…

Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 5

We had a great rest at the holiday park cabin. It is a wonderful stay. The next morning, we woke up early at 8am as we wanted to see if there is any koalas on the trees (was not able to see much as it was almost dark already when we reach).

Unfortunately, we are out of luck. No koalas to be found on the trees anywhere. We did see lots of birds though...
So, we went back to the cabin, had breakfast, shower and checked out at 10am.
We went back to the road leading to Grey River as we managed to spot a koala on the tree yesterday night. The same koala is still sleeping, looks so cute like a fur-ball!
We passed by Cape Patton Lookout and we stop for a bit to enjoy the scenery.
Next stop is Apollo Bay. There is a huge playground so the kids went and play.
For lunch, we ate at Sandy Feet Cafe. The food is amazingly nice and warm.
Water is complimentary at the cafe. The meal is good, very yummy! 
After lunch, I bought some beef and cauliflower at IGA Express as there is not much convenience…