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Family Trip 2017 @ Cameron Highland, Malaysia (Day 4)

Today we also had light breakfast in hotel (bread, strawberries etc) and got ready by 10am...
Our first destination is the NEW BOH TEA PLANTATION.... but alas, GPS brought us to the wrong plantation. We spend like 45 mins driving which includes some narrow and winding road, but wrong place. Do be careful as the google map shows picture of the new plantation but send you to the old one... and we met some other tourist who also came to the wrong place based on google map.
Nevertheless, we decided to just had our tea, shortbread and cakes here anyway...We had carrot cake, green tea tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake. All cakes tasted quite good!
* Do note that BOH TEA PLANTATION closed on MONDAY!
Next, we stop by a bee farm which also have some strawberries plant with some flowers. We bought wild honey for RM45 (500ml). Wild honey generally cost more as the nutritional value is higher. Wild bee go around in the wild, making honey from pollen from different flowers. Compare to bees that …

Family Trip 2017 @ Cameron Highland, Malaysia (Day 3)

Today is our first full day at Cameron Highland. We woke up at 8.45am, showered and had some bread in the room.

Our first stop is Kea Farm Morning Market which is located near Equitorial Hotel. It is open daily in the morning until early evening. 
Our main agenda is to buy some vegetables, sweetcorn and sweet potato for tonight's steamboat. We also bought some strawberries as it is very cheap. 5 boxes of strawberries for RM 20 only! 
Sweetcorn prices varies between 10-17 sweetcorn for RM 10 ( do note there are different varieties of sweetcorn at the market hence the different in price, so choose the one that u like).  Vegetables' prices differ between stalls. If you would like a mix of vegetable, there are some stalls that sell 7 different type of small packets of vegetables for RM 10. 

There are a couple of stalls selling cooked food so we bought some sweet potatoes ball , deep fried oyster mus…