Emirates Park Zoo @ Abu Dhabi

This year's winter is definitely longer than last year. I remember around this time last year, the weather is already very hot and I could not stay outdoor more than a few minutes as the heat comes literally from the ground, rendering umbrella useless..

I wouldn't say its cooling but the heat is still bearable that we manage to kill 3 hours at zoo on a Saturday late morning to afternoon. 
We head out to Emirates Park Zoo at Abi Dhabi in the morning after breakfast at home. Its an hour drive from Dubai and just off the highway so it is very easy to reach. 
We got our tickets via Entertainer so we get in with AED 70 for 4 person. Got a wrist band and off we go. They don't allow food into the zoo, only water. 
We hit the petting zoo first as it is the first area nearest to the entrance.
There are tortoise, rabbit, duck, goat, hedgehog, etc.

There are a couple of station selling grass, vegetable and peanuts for little animals. We purchased the milk feed to the lamb for AED 15.…

A week in Lebanon 🇱🇧 -- Spring 2019 Road Trip

Our spring break this year is very well spend in Lebanon. Lebanon is a beautiful country, the coastline is amazing especially during sunset and the mountains are stunning.

We were there for 9 days 8 nights. Minus the first and last day where we did not do much except airport and a meal, we were there for a full 7 days. To be honest, we take it slow and there are days when it was raining and we just stayed at hotel and chill. So one can definitely see most of Lebanon in 5 days or so. 
The weather in Spring is cooling, and some parts of the mountain are still covered in snow so if you are planning to drive into the mountain, a 4 wheel drive is advisable. Due to the snow and weather condition, the road to the Cedar of God is closed so we did not manage to see that. If that is a MUST for your trip, it is best to go in summer. 
Some TIPS before heading to LEBANON:
1. VISA Most nationalities can visit Lebanon and obtain a visa at the airport or country border with no fees. Kindly check their…

Exploring Northern Italy in 10 days (we manage to throw in 24 hours in France too!) Part 2/2

First half of our trip:


Waking up without alarm clock is a bliss and something we do during holidays. Instead of ticking boxes on the various sights we visited, we would rather do it at a leisurely pace even if this means missing out on a few places. Quality is what we treasure more than quantity :)
We had a swim before heading out to Leaning Tower of Pisa. We parked at a carpark nearby and walk to the area which houses The Leaning Tower and a church. Surrounding the Leaning Tower, there are many stalls selling souvenirs at a reasonable price, restaurants and even McD.

It was nice walking around the place, looking at the various poses every tourist tried to come up with. Some are quite amusing but I must say they are really creative.
The weather is really hot so we went to a mall nearby to shop. We then went home, had some fruits for light dinner as we ate McD earlier around 4 plus.


Exploring Northern Italy in 10 days (we manage to throw in 24 hours in France too!) Part 1/2


Flying in through Milan, and we are deciding where to go. After much discussion, we decided to get a mix of big cities (Milan, Venice, with a touch of countryside at Tuscany and plus some hiking exercise at Cinqueterre). That was what we thought before the trip. It was a pretty last minute trip and super peak summer holiday period which coincides with Italian holiday week so a lot of accommodation are all booked up. So, after booking 3 nights in Milan and one night in Venice, the rest of our trip are really free and easy....

To be honest, I quite enjoyed this free and easy part of our trip. Where we are headed next, where we will be staying are very much up to us. If we like that place a lot, we can stay a couple of days longer. If we wanted to move on, we could. We even decided last minute to cross the border and get a taste of French food for a change. That is something we could not have done if we plan our trip beforehand.

So in the end, we did Milan (the city itself, …