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Winter in PERTH once again- June 2015- Midnight flight and DAY 1 (where lots of things went wrong)

This year, we re-visited Perth as the kids plus the parents were reminiscing their time in Perth through all the photos taken last year. The kids wanted to feed the kangaroo, see koala bears, see bear and feed some goats! Mummy and daddy missed the tiramisu from Ciao Italia as well!!!! And so hubby and me kept a lookout for cheap flights to Perth.. 
We waited and waited and finally Jetstar is having ONE-FOR-ONE promotion! It is a really great deal and we manage to book the deal during June School Holidays!!! Got the deal at $250 per person including tax, luggage allowances (25kg to and 50kg fro) and 3 sets of meals on our way back! Timing is a little odd though but I guess it makes up with the cheap flights. We will be reaching Perth close to midnight and coming back early morning so will be kinda wasting 2 nights of hotel stay in Perth but after working out the additional hotel charges, it is still cheaper than the other flights so we decided to go with this!
Kiddos are super excited o…

Hong Kong Macao Travelogue March 2016 -Day 5 (FINAL)

Today is our last day in Hong Kong and our flight is at 2 plus in the afternoon. So, we had some time in the morning to check out dim sum in Hong Kong. 

Dim sum @ Garden Restaurant is generally good and price is reasonable too. 
We checked out of the hotel, and took bus A21 back to airport (Cost HKD$33) and it brings us straight to Terminal 2.
From there, we got our Octopus Card refunded. We also manage to get some last minute goodies from Kee Wah Bakery. After checking in, we had to take a train to Terminal 1 where all the boarding gates are located. 
For lunch, dad finally got to taste goose meat that he had been wanting to eat before leaving HK. We had lunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant and the food is yummy, portion is large too. I especially love the warm lime orange juice, it is soooo good!
We boarded and here is a few shots I took while on the plane... such a nice photo to end the trip.

Hong Kong Macao Travelogue March 2016 -Day 4

Today is our last full day in Hong Kong and as mention earlier, I will be sharing our fun half day trip to Cheng Chau Island which is highly highly recommended by my cousin who stays in Hong Kong. 
Cheng Chau is famous for its fishing village and also a weekend getaway for locals. Quaint and peaceful, it is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city area. 

If you do have extra time during your trip, this highly recommended. You can either go for half day trip, full day trip or even at overnight trip. 
In the morning, dad had a quick fix breakfast opposite the hotel while mum and me just munch some bread that we bought yesterday from the Open Kitchen, so yummy and soft.
After breakfast, we took a bus from Nathan Road to the Victoria Harbour Pier (Bus 1,1A,2 or 6). It is a double decker bus and excitedly, we sat on the second floor as our stop is the final stop. 
Today's weather is so much warmer and sunny that it put a smile in everyone's face. Mum finally …