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Kidzoona indoor playground at Jusco Bukit Indah, Johor, Malaysia.

We recently brought the kids to Kizoona at Jusco Bukit Indah. I find it very worth it in terms of the price and the facilities are also pretty good.  The place is not big but there is enough things for the kids to spend a few hours there... Includes bouncing castle, some individual shops (flower shop, cafe, supermarket for kids to play around), a big pool of ball, some cars, and a huge rolling ball-like thing where kids can go in and rotate. Fully air conditioned and there is only one entrance to go in and out. Parents can stay inside to accompany your kids at no additional charge. Just remember to bring your own socks otherwise have to purchase before going in. Toilet is not in the playground so there only cons is have to bring the kids out to toilet. Tickets are for a whole day so unlimited entry throughout the day.  Kids can play, go our for lunch and then come back and play again.  If there is two of you looking after the kids , can take turn to go shop

How affordable is Dubai as a holiday destination?

Amazing dessert experience... DUBAI is a city not foreign to many... Many of us probably relate Dubai as a transit area when travelling to Europe on Emirates Airline. Another would relate Dubai as a rich city with oil everywhere and housed the famous 7 star hotel plus having the highest building in the world.  All this give a perception of EXPENSIVE when considering a vacation in Dubai or to extend a couple of days to explore this city during transit. A study published on  in March 2016 rated Dubai as the most expensive tourist destination with New York city coming on second position.  Having been there myself, I beg to differ. I do not deny the fact that there are a lot of expensive options for accommodation and dining but they also offer a variety of affordable hotel and food.  HOTEL If you are looking to stay at Burj Al Arab (the famous 7 star hotel), a quick check on at a random date will set you back SGD 2345 per night for 2

Summary of my 8 days 7 nights Kaoshiong, Alishan & KenDing Trip

Spot the monkey I have flew to TaoYuan International Airport a couple of times (either visiting Taipei and surrounding, Taipei plus TaiZhong or Taipei, Yilan and Hualien). With Scoot's direct flight to KaoShiong Airport and the fact that I have not visited the Southern part of Taiwan yet, I figure it warrants a trip to explore this part of Taiwan which I have not yet visited.  A direct flight from Singapore to Kaoshiong took 4 hours and it definitely saves time compared to taking a flight to TaoYuan and change to High Speed Rail to Kaoshiong. In terms of price, it is much cheaper as well.  A quick search on internet shows that there is only two airlines that have direct SIN to KHH (Scoot and China Airline).  Scoot operates three times a week and China Airline twice a week. HOTEL These are the hotels we stayed during the trip.  KAOSHIONG: Kindness Hotel Jhong Jhong  Price: SGD 80 per night for a double bedroom  Full review of the hotel:  htt