Singapore National Day 2016- Sembawang Park and Pokemon Catching

Sembawang Park is one of the park I wanted to visit on my list as it is introduced in one of the local parenting blog as one of the free park with huge playground. This year on National Day we decided to bring the kids to the park for some Pokemon Go games. It is like the most "TRENDY" thing to do now. Although we are no addict but it is quite fun just to go around looking for Pokemon and at the same time, get some exercise for both the kids and the parents.

We have reached. Posing for photo before the POKEMON hunt

We went around and did find a couple of new Pokemon and the kids are really excited about it.

There is a beach area by the park and a couple of kids are playing with the water. There are a couple of ship around the area and it is not really recommended to play with the water around this area due to the waste products of the ship.

We had lunch at this colonial looking building (Beaulieu House). They serve both chinese and western food so there is something for everyone. Food is pretty good, we had Marmite Chicken, sambal lady finger and stir fry asparagus with capsicum.

After lunch, kids continue with their game and Jaclyn is excited to catch one more Pokemon with one try! Look at her happy face!

YAY! I caught one!
Excited girl jumping with joy!

There are quite a few people picnic on the grounds, some BBQ-ing, some playing with guitar, some playing with scooter and all.. Also, there is a huge sandy playground in the park as well.

Overall, I think this is quite a nice park, great for family outing and with no entrance fees :)


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