Mummy's Belated Birthday Treat. Afternoon High Tea @ The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel (Singapore)

Mummy's birthday is in end July but due to various circumstances, only manage to bring her out for her birthday treat in mid- September. 

This year, we decided to go for a proper English Afternoon High Tea (it is the first time for both of us and the kiddies). After much research, I settled for The Landing Point at Fullerton Bay Hotel. Main reason is because the items are refillable, free flow coffee, free flow TWG tea, free flow hot/cold chocolate. Plus, kids below 6 years old eat for FREE! So, we only need to pay for 2 adults!

In MRT, on our way for a proper English High Tea!
We reach! And the blur me thought it is in the Fullerton Hotel. After asking around,  it is actually located at Fullerton Bay Hotel which is about 5 mins walk away.
We happily sightsee and took some photos...
Its the F1 weekend!!!
Taken by Jaclyn!
After asking a few people, walked through the underpass and a bit more, we finally reach the Fullerton Bay Hotel. Phew....

Nice view!
Loving the view from the restaurant. The weather is very nice today, great day for photo taking!

The staff politely explain to us about the menu and took our order for the drinks. We ordered a mocha and cappuccino to start with (after that we ordered some TWG tea and more mocha/cappuccino). Kids love the iced chocolate and ordered two cups as well!
Selection of coffee and chocolate
Selection of tea
Beverages that need to top up!
At the same time, the three tier afternoon tea set is presented to us with detailed explanation on what is the items served. 

F1 weekend with customised flag!
First tier- duck burger, ham roll, smoked salmon sandwich, lobster tart and cucumber sandwich
Second tier- fruit cake, eclairs, kaya puff, lemon tart, macaroon, cakes
Bottom layer- egg sandwich, rye biscuit with cream cheese, egg tart, and bacon bagel

Group photo!
Enjoying her lobster tart which is both our favourite!
This boy ate so much! He  loves almost all the sandwiches and the macaroon, iced chocolate is his favourite too!
Love this nice photo!
Close up of the chocolate and caramel tart (very flavourful)
We took our time to enjoy the food, enjoy the scenery, and catching up on mum's recent trip to India. It was a nice afternoon.

At the same time, there is piano performance just  next to where we sat. Wonderful way to spend a nice cosy afternoon.
Piano performance
We spend about 2.5 hours here, and at the end, the staff asked if we would like anything else before they close for order. We were pretty full by then so we did not replenish... food quality is very good, almost everything taste good. Our favourite is lobster tart, ham roll, smoked salmon sandwich, chocolate tart, lemon tart, banana and bailey madeline, macaroon, eclair and the rye bread with cream cheese. All very yummy!

There is usually some credit card promotion but because it is the F1 weekend, no promotion for today! :( But we did had a good time! Thumbs up!

Loving these sets of photos!
The Landing Point (Fullerton Bay Hotel)
80 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049326
Tel: +65 6884 6884
Afternoon Tea:Monday to Friday 3pm to 5.30pm
                        Saturday and Sunday 12.30pm to 3pm (first seating), 3.30pm to 6pm (second seating)



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