Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 7 and we are coming home!)

Final entry for Taiwan Trip: 

It is our last day and no one wakes up until 10 plus in the morning. We missed our breakfast so we just ate some biscuit in the room. 

We haven’t packed yet OMG so we quickly stuff everything into our luggage bag. Finally found the cute specs that Justin bought few days ago that went missing. Phew...luckily found it just before we left... 

We manage to shower and checked out at 11.30am and I went to get a dozen of Mister Donut to bring back to Singapore.

Yesterday night we had requested the hotel to help us book a taxi to bring us to airport as we needed a cab that accept credit card payment (We kinda used up most of our cash). Taxi uncle is pretty chatty along the way and we reached airport at 12.30pm. 

We were early and checked in counter is not even open yet. So, we went for lunch and bought more Vigor Kobo Sun Milk Cake to bring home. 

Note: For those who wanted to eat at the airport, there is more restaurants before the boarding gate on Level 3. After boarding, there are not much choices for food, mainly is for duty free shopping.

Got attracted to this kitty ferris wheel on our way to boarding gate
Can we have a picture with kitty mum?
Of course you can babes. Say "Cheese"

On our way home, kids watched in-flight entertainment on board and manage to doze off for 1-2 hours. 

Once take off, I need to get this window down.. it is definitely too bright for me!
Tea time on board...
Kids meal
Main course for kids meal
Yum... enjoying myself!

We reached KL and transit time is 3 hours so we took train to Terminal C as there are only 2 choices of restaurant in the terminal that we are in.  Had a slow dinner as we needed to pass time. Boarded flight on time and off we go back to home!

Mum, let me help with the doughnut...
Dont I look cute just by standing here...
Lets be serious and take good care of the doughnut..

After trip thoughts/Tips

1.     3G/4G signal coverage for ChungHwa mobile line that we used is good, we did not have any complain with the signal throughout the trip
2.     Left hand drive is challenging for those who are used to right hand drive. It takes 1-2 days to slowly get used to it. What we did is print out a A4 size paper with arrow to remind us to remember about the left hand drive. Need to be vigilance especially when making a turn. 
3.     Toilet is abundance in Taiwan, so far did not have issue looking for toilet. Even some night market have toilet which is super convenient!
4.     Stroller friendliness really depends on where you go. Check it out before bringing stroller out for the day to avoid carrying baby plus stroller up and down staircases!
5.       If you are going to Yilan or Hualien, it is best to drive. I hardly sees any cab in these places especially Yilan, you probably have to drive or get a rental car cum driver for the whole day to bring you around. If you want to go Hualien, take a train there and then rent a car from Hualien. Don't drive there,we did and you have to drive through the winding road for at least 2 hours. 
6.     Money changer rate definitely better in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. Get your money changed there! Many money changer. But do check out their opening times if you reach at odd timing.
7.     Hualien things are so much cheaper, buy your goodies here (Milk candy, Pineapple tart). We could have spend an additional day here. One day is too short.
8.     Yilan to Taipei road may be jam especially school or public holiday (Tips from one taxi uncle). Usually takes 45 minutes drive, may take up to few hours. Check out PH and school holidays in Taiwan when doing trip planning.


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