Staycation @ Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Singapore

How often does one step foot in Changi Airport and not catching a flight or picking someone up?

For those who are staying in the east of Singapore, some might just go to the airport and enjoy their facilities, had some food, play at the playground or even do some groceries shopping. I think I am a little outdated as I did not even know that Changi Airport has NTUC as well (and their prices are not more expensive that the rest of NTUC).

However, for someone like me who stay in the West, I hardly step foot at Changi Airport unless I am flying off someone or picking up someone. For me to take a MRT or drive to Changi Airport is a big commitment as it is not exactly near and there are so many nearby playground and shopping mall that I can enjoy within minutes from my house. 

I hardly walk around the airport properly as I am usually rushing to catch a flight. It usually starts with a check in, then grab something to eat or drink while waiting for the plane. At most kids get to play a bit in the playground and thats about it. When landed back to Singapore, first thing after grabbing my luggage will be looking for taxi back home to rest.

Hence, during this staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, I truly enjoyed the airport. Although it was a short 2 days 1 night staycation but we thoroughly enjoyed it and it won't be our last staycation here. Kids are already talking about coming back.


The hotel is linked to Terminal 3 Changi Airport through Level 1 and Level 2 of the airport. If you are coming via Terminal 1, take the sky train and that brings you to Level 2 of Terminal 3 and link directly to the hotel.

If you are driving, park at Parking 3B (follow the signboard, it is the right lane that leads to Carpark 3B). One thing to note is that the hotel itself does not have its own carpark hence if you are driving, parking is at the airport carpark and the usual parking charges applies. No special discounted or complimentary parking is provided by the hotel for its guest.. something that the management should be looking into. We paid $58.88 for the parking for a day.

Linkway from Terminal 3 Level 1


All the rooms are huge and it is really huge by Singapore standard. Each room comes with a huge bathtub (can fit two adults), two double beds, two huge couch, working desk and a platform below the TV to put your luggage. 

They had "KIDS FRIENDLY" bathroom because it is see-through. So we can monitor the kids when they are playing in the bathtub. So parents can lie on bed, watching TV or just chilling while able to see what is the kids up to in the bathroom. 

The beds are huge too so even if you have kids age 5 and 6 like mine, we can all fit comfortably in the same room with proper beds for all four of us.

Huge room with two double beds. We did not even need to request for extra baby cot. One bed sleeps 1 adult and 1 kid. 
Huge bathtub and a separate shower area (window screen can be rolled down for privacy). We kept it on when the kids are playing in bathtub to keep an eye on them.
TIPS: Always bring some beach toys for kids if the hotel has bath tub. It helps to keep the kids entertain during their bath tub play time.
I always bring beach toys for the kids to play in the tub

Amenities wise- I could say that whatever you need, it is provided. From toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, make up remover cotton pad, manicure set, sewing kit, mineral water, coffee, tea.. everything is there. 

Ironing Board
And with Crowne Plaza, they always provide some sort of spraying mist for better sleep. Love the smell and I always take them back with me if I can't finish using it to use it back home :)

There is also bathrobe, umbrella....

And to top it all up, they provide this "handy buddy" for all guests. This act as a wifi router for tourists so everyone can stay connected to their love ones. There is also some recommendations on local attractions that would benefit those who is here on holiday. 

My kids are so excited when they found it. They say "mummy, I found a handphone, it is MINE". At first I thought someone left their handphone in the room... then realise it is the hotel's property, saw a card which explain how to use it. Kids started playing around and saw Sentosa on it, even more excited...

The device which is a handphone.

Handy Buddy....

TIPS: If you would like to stay in the room facing the runway (yes, they do have rooms where you can watch flight taking off all day long in the comfort of your room), go for room ending with 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Choose the room Level 5 and onwards, otherwise you will get the sound of plane taking off but your view will be restricted by a building that stands between the hotel and the runway. 

If you are looking for pool facing room, there are on Level 3.


They have swimming pool facing the airport control tower and it doesn't get afternoon sun so you can see people swimming even in the middle of the day.

Do note that there is no kids pool. Pool's depth is 1m and 1.2m at certain area. There is a steps area which is quite shallow so kids can play at that area but no designated kids pool.


There are many things that one can do at Changi Airport whether you stay in the hotel or not....

We walked around... watching travellers rushing to their destination or leisurely enjoying the airport while waiting for their flight... We also saw some who sleep in the airport due to a connecting flight...

It is so different walking around the airport at night just like how we would walk around a shopping mall and best of all, most shops are open till late or even 24 hours. Definitely one of the pros of staying at Crowne Plaza, you get food 24/7 and you don't even need to get out and be sweaty. Everything is interlinked and air conditioned all the way.

Travellers walking in and out..
Christmas decoration coming up
There are so many choices of restaurant just in Terminal 3 public area. Not to mention there are more choices at Terminal 1 and 2 and even 4.

Crowne plaza do provide shuttle bus to Terminal 4 for its guest.
Terminal 3 shops and restaurants open to public
A close up
We had afternoon tea set for two pax at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden @ $18 which comes with two drinks, one cake and one frozen yogurt with one topping. I find that quite worth it, only applicable on weekday though at 2-5pm.

Our afternoon tea set
Mummy, I am as cute as the kitty, aren't I?
A cute hello kitty biscuit that comes with the cappuccino 
B2 of Terminal 3 looks like a normal shopping mall...there is even Guardian, NTUC. Just like what we see at shopping mall.
Kids love this Slide @ T3. We heard so much about it but never actually been here. We usually goes into the transit area once we checked in, never actually explored outside before. 

There is two slides available. One is at Level 1 which is the 4-storeys high slide (every $10 spend at the airport entitled to one ride, one has to be 130cm and above to play this).

There is also another shorter slide at 1.5 storeys high at Basement 2. Anyone above 110cm can play and this is free. 

Slide @ T3

Couple of playground available for public. 

There is a mini hello kitty theme ones at Basement 2 Terminal 3 which is just outside the slide.

@ Basement 2, Terminal 3
If you are bored of this hello kitty playground, take a skytrain to Terminal 1, Level 2 and you can play at another playground. Besides the playground, there is an art area with complimentary papers, crayon and template for kids to "draw" some memorable art as souvenir to take home.

Art corner
If you are not into playground or art, at the same area there is a viewing platform to watch planes take off and landing. And best of all, you can watch it while sitting on a see-through glass, how cool is that?

See through glass
View from Level 2, Terminal 1

There are so many nice spots which is so instagramm-able that we spend quite a bit of time cam-whoring as well. 

Overall, we had lots of fun. My first staycation at Holiday Inn Orchard was not a great one cause it just feels weird going on a staycation when we are so near home. This staycation changed my mind and I think we will be back :)

Christmas is around the corner and I would like to take this chance to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas....

This year, I got an early letter from Santa :)

From my secret Santa...

75 Airport Boulevard
#01-01, S 819664
Tel: 65 68235300


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