Step back into the past @ Blanc de Chine, Kaoshiong, Taiwan (Jeff Chang)

During my trip to Kaoshiong over the June school holiday, one of the main reason I choose to scoot to Kaoshiong is to visit my idol's restaurant. I knew he opened a couple of restaurant but I didn't manage to find the exact location until I saw this video that was taken when he took part in I am Singer Season 4. From there I googled the name and found the place! Yay!!!

Jeff Chang introducing his restaurant and antiques: 

Check out the video and towards the second half, it is taken in the restaurant with Jeff Chang introducing his restaurant...

We hit the restaurant for lunch once we touched down at Kaoshiong airport....even before we checked in to the hotel...

Baby girl and mummy- 2 big fans of Jeff Chang
I had already make reservation beforehand when I was in Singapore because I would like to sit at this particular area with the book shelves (my favourite part of the restaurant). The waiter gladly took down my request and reserved my seats for me. 

Once we step into the restaurant, we were greeted by a nice fountain at the right (which looks like a real fountain shipped back from Europe, the architecture is really nice, didn't manage to take a photo of that, I was too engrossed and overwhelm).

Then, you can see the elegant main dining room with chandelier lights hanging down...

Main dining area once you step into the restaurant
Ancient Roman..which adorn one of the table just next to the main dining area
We were then shown to our seats which is one dining area just off the main dining room on the ground level. I love the book shelves and if you watch the video, main part of it was taken in this particular area hence my choice to dine here.

One of the dining area.... so nice and love the book shelves
Books... and album
On the right- a case for hats... yes! hats.... it was introduced in the video
Box from the olden days.. another item which is showcase in the video too

If u zoom in, the colourful sand bottle has Jeff Chang's name on it...
Pretty European design plates
Nice drawing.. If I didn't guess wrong, it is drawn by Jeff Chang

We were handed the nicely designed menu....

Prices are really reasonable as well for a nicely decorated European style restaurant.
Menu at the restaurant- meticulously designed
Pizza, soup and gratin
Pasta, risotto
Main courses
Selection for tea time
Selection of drinks
Some introduction on Jeff Chang and the restaurant 

A story between Jeff and Blanc De Chine
Drawing by Jeff Chang when he design the restaurant layout and furniture used (chairs)
After ordering, we went and explore the place. There is so much to see and basically everything has a touch of Jeff Chang. From the display of antiques from his personal collection which includes some of the furniture (chair and table which can be used by customer) to the architecture of the restaurant where he designed the ceilings and the chairs used in the main dining room. 

A cloth used during ancient wedding, Jeff explained plenty on the cloth , its significant and where he got it from the video...

Chilling area with antique chairs on the first floor...
Happy girl

Even the washroom features an antique dressing table for guest to touch up their make up etc....

In the video, the host did ask Jeff why he is ok to display expensive antique items for guest to use, won't be worry that his antique will be spoilt and he replied that he believe if guests know that he is sincere in bringing the best things for them and they will help to preserve it. True enough, the restaurant has been around for many years and his items are still in good condition.... This really showcase a trust between people ....

Dressing table in washroom and yes, this is a piece of antique as well

Food is here.....

Some of the things we ordered..... 

In terms of the food, there are hit and misses... while we enjoyed dining in such a beautiful ambience, some of the food are not to our liking...

The soup is nice and salad is fresh... 

I am a little disappointed with their main courses, taste is mediocre and was a bit cold when served...

Soup of the day (pumpkin soup) with salad..

Mixed grill- prawn, fish and chicken

Steak with potatoes and vegetables
However, I did like their dessert and drinks. The waffle is nice, very big and generous and tasted really good.

Berries waffle
Creme brûlée is also one of the nicest I have tasted. It is a chilled version of creme brûlée and it tasted really creamy and nice.

Creme Brûlée 
Love this healthy tea selection as well...
Healthy rejuvenating tea 
After eating, we still hang around a bit and enjoyed the ambience while sipping away a nice cup of tea.. meanwhile, little one got his hand on some books and start reading....

Reading a book off the shelves...
Jeff was not around when we visited but nevertheless , it is one "tick" off my wish list and I am a happy girl.....

I will still come back to dine here should I visit Kaoshiong again in the future. I will probably just stick to the drinks and dessert. Come for an afternoon tea perhaps :)

Blanc De Chine
No 6, Xiamen Street,
Lingya District
Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Tel:  +886 7 222 2133

If you are planning to fly to Kaoshiong Airport and explore its surroundings, check out my blog post on a summary of our one week trip to Kaoshiong, Alishan and Kending:


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