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Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 4)

Today morning everyone is really tired. Even Jaclyn who usually wakes up early only woke up at 9am today. We had breakfast, packed up our stuff and checked out at 10.45am. It was drizzling today in Yilan and we are glad that we have decided to head to Shifen Waterfall instead of exploring Yilan. 
It is an hour drive to Shifen Waterfall and we reached at about 12pm. We parked and walk down to the hanging bridge, passed by a small waterfall and to the Shifen Waterfall Park (Open 9-5.30pm daily). It is indeed a majestic waterfall and one could feel the water droplet kissing their face. I read online about a NT80 entrance fees but we didn’t see any place for ticket. It is probably another entrance from the Shifen Visitor Centre or they have omitted the charges? 
The staircase leading to the observation deck was pretty steep and wet so if you are bringing kids, make sure grab on to them tightly. Forget the stroller at this place, totally useless as mostly it is steps and no flat road.
For pa…

Westgate Hotel Review (Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan)

We stayed in Westgate Hotel during our trip to Taipei in September 2015. Hotel is generally clean and comfortable. We opted for executive room but our only complain is there is only a really small window with no view at all. Hubby blamed the "lack of sunlight from window" causes us to wake up late everyday but I think we are just generally pretty good in sleeping.
Room is a good size for Ximending standard. There is a queen size bed, shower, toilet, TV, and a separate living area on a platform. In room safe is provided for safekeeping of expensive items.
Shower head has good water pressure but the space is quite small. I can't hang my clothes in the shower room as the water will splashes on my clothes. This is how small the shower room is...


Amenities included bathrobe, toiletries, hair dryer..

Baby cot and baby bath tub is available on request.

As for facilities, there is a laundry room (which is one of the reason we opted for the hotel), gym and…

Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 3)

Today will be a long day as we planned to go to Taroko Gorge for the day and followed by Hualien Town Centre for dinner. We had our breakfast send at 7am but we only manage to wake up at 7.20am. After breakfast and shower, we depart at 9am to Taroko Gorge. 
The road is really windy as it goes around the mountain by the sea. View is definitely good as we can see the cliffs, sea and mountain. The drive from Yilan to Hualien is about 2.5 hours and can be tiring as we are not familiar with the left hand drive and most of the time it is hard to overtake the lorry or bus in front of us as there is only one lane on each side of the road and the road is super winding. 
Note: For exploring Hualien and Taroko Gorge, a better way would be to take train to Hualien and rent a car from there to go around.
We were mesmerised by the nice view and stop halfway to take photos even though the sun is really blazing away.

Kids fall asleep on the way there and even I doze off for a bit. Poor hubby had to drive…