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Stamps~A Window to the World @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

This is an outdated post as I visited the Singapore Philatelic Museum last year when they had the Harry Potter theme stamp exhibition. Despite being an old post, I would still like to share our experience at the stamp museum.
There are a lot of museum in Singapore and most of them are really children friendly with a lots of hands on activities that changes according to festive season and usually coincides with school holidays. As a Singaporean or Permanent Residents, most museum offers complimentary entry as long as valid ID is shown at the entrance. 
If you are neither citizen or permanent resident, the admission will cost $8 for adult and $6 for children between 3 to 12 years old.

There are many rooms and each room feature a different theme. Some of the displays are permanent and there are a few rooms that changes theme .....

My mum loves stamp and she has been collecting since young and she is one of the reason that I am exposed to collecting stamps :) I love to look at her collect…

A plan on the go trip to San Francisco and Las Vegas (Day 2)

Good morning San Francisco ..oopss, it is only 4am... one of the "perks" of time difference is we wakes up at super early to start the day... hahaha....but wait, we are catching a flight to Vagas today and no point arriving so early at the we decided to sleep back and woke up at 8am (that is more like us... haha).
We had quick breakfast in our room (muffins, instant noodle and coffee). We then showered and took the hotel complimentary shuttle van to Terminal 3 domestic departure, heading to Las Vegas!!!
We booked our flight via United Airline and because it is Star Alliances with Singapore Airline, we get complimentary one luggage per person and lounge access for Singapore Airline Gold Member.

For breakfast, we had bagel, bread and hazelnut milk latte. 
It was a very full flight so we did not get to sit together but luckily it was a short flight. Snacks and drinks were served on flight, but no in flight entertainment as it comes at additional cost. We just lis…