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Kuala Lumpur and Genting Getaway April 2014 (Part 2)

Day 4

We will be checking out from Sunway Hotel today and then head to Genting for second part of our hols.
It was raining after breakfast so no pool time today for the kids. Ended up playing in the bathtub while daddy mummy packing up our stuff before checking out today.
Mummy is excited to see drive through starbucks... :) 
Meet up with hubby's colleague for lunch at the "wen dong jiang" restaurant. 
Reached Genting, checked in and we got a room with a view... :)
The complimentary outdoor theme park whole day pass is only applicable on the day we reached... so  we quickly start playing....
Kids sleep quite early today cause had a tiring day travelling and playing.

Day 5

Waking up in cooling Genting and leisurely stroll to have complimentary buffet breakfast at first world cafe (Level 3)

Showering after buffet and enjoying his yakult (bring from kl.. haha)
Leisurely enjoying the morning in the room while the kids play themselves.

Finally around noon time, daddy and mummy…

Kuala Lumpur and Genting Getaway April 2014 (Part 1)

We love going on road trip to Malaysia for various reasons.

First, I could just pack anything (I meant anything at all-clothes, pampers, rice grain, thermos etc without worrying about exceeding weight limit)

Secondly, I can just dump everything into the car's boot (stroller, luggage, pillows, bolster)

Thirdly, food and accommodation is relatively cheaper in Malaysia as compared to Singapore due to the exchange rates so it went easy on our budget :)

Lastly,with kiddos on board especially young ones (less than 1 year old) it is easy to go on road trip. It offers great flexibility, anything I want to breast feed, I can just stop and breastfeed at the back seat, anytime we need to change a soil pampers, we could do so either in the car or the nearest changing areas. There is no need to rush for flights, catching trains at certain schedule etc... Thus, we only start bringing our kiddos abroad after 1 year old but having said that, I also read many travel adventure by other parents who bro…