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Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 7 and we are coming home!)

Final entry for Taiwan Trip: 

It is our last day and no one wakes up until 10 plus in the morning. We missed our breakfast so we just ate some biscuit in the room. 
We haven’t packed yet OMG so we quickly stuff everything into our luggage bag. Finally found the cute specs that Justin bought few days ago that went missing. Phew...luckily found it just before we left... 
We manage to shower and checked out at 11.30am and I went to get a dozen of Mister Donut to bring back to Singapore.
Yesterday night we had requested the hotel to help us book a taxi to bring us to airport as we needed a cab that accept credit card payment (We kinda used up most of our cash). Taxi uncle is pretty chatty along the way and we reached airport at 12.30pm. 
We were early and checked in counter is not even open yet. So, we went for lunch and bought more Vigor Kobo Sun Milk Cake to bring home. 
Note: For those who wanted to eat at the airport, there is more restaurants before the boarding gate on Level 3. After boar…

Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 6)

Today everyone wakes up at 9 plus in the morning again. We rush down for breakfast and manage to get ready by 12pm. We washed our clothes at hotel's self service laundry and went to get some pastry (Sun Milk Cake and Pineapple Egg Yolk Tart) to bring home from Vigor Kobo that is just across the road (Ximen MRT Exit 4). We brought the pastry back to hotel so that we do not need to lag them all the way today. 
Vigor Kobo:
Also available at Taoyuan Airport just before the departure gate.

On our way back to hotel, kids stop by a stationary store and bought Woody (Toy Story) and Rapunzel doll and they simply adore them. 
Next stop is Taiwan Main Station (NT20). There are quite a lot of shops underground just by exiting the MRT. We walked around and the kids bought some puzzle.

We lunch at Shin Kuang San Yue and next question is whether we wanna continue to CKS Memorial or go back and nap.
After much thoughts and Justin looks tired s…

Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 5)

Everyone is indeed exhausted from the hectic schedule for the past few days and no one wakes up until almost 10am. I practically jump out of bed, as breakfast is only until 10.30am. We quickly changed out of our pyjamas and went down for breakfast.
Pictures of complimentary breakfast at Westgate Hotel Ximending:
After breakfast, it is time to get ready to go out. Today we did not plan for much as we had been to Taipei several times before so more of just a relax and walk around few days. We only got out of hotel at midday! Seriously OMG, half a day is gone. 
We decided to lunch at Din Tai Feng branch @ Taipei 101 as we heard much raved about the food, how it tasted so much nicer than their branch overseas bla bla bla. We took MRT there for NT25 per person. 
As we exit the MRT to Taipei 101, we saw Din Tai Feng just at its doorstep. Manage to snap this cool looking model as we walked pass the res…