Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 6)

Today everyone wakes up at 9 plus in the morning again. We rush down for breakfast and manage to get ready by 12pm. We washed our clothes at hotel's self service laundry and went to get some pastry (Sun Milk Cake and Pineapple Egg Yolk Tart) to bring home from Vigor Kobo that is just across the road (Ximen MRT Exit 4). We brought the pastry back to hotel so that we do not need to lag them all the way today. 

Vigor Kobo to bring home
Vigor Kobo: http://www.vigorkobo.com/en_version/03profile/index.php
Also available at Taoyuan Airport just before the departure gate.

On our way back to hotel, kids stop by a stationary store and bought Woody (Toy Story) and Rapunzel doll and they simply adore them. 

New favourite- Rapunzel
This is my Woody... mine and mine alone!
Next stop is Taiwan Main Station (NT20). There are quite a lot of shops underground just by exiting the MRT. We walked around and the kids bought some puzzle.

MRT route

We lunch at Shin Kuang San Yue and next question is whether we wanna continue to CKS Memorial or go back and nap.

Simple lunch as we couldn't find much things to eat
After much thoughts and Justin looks tired so we decided to nap before dinner. Will be going CKS Memorial after dinner instead. 

While hubby and kids nap, I went down to Ximending streets for some shopping on my own. I manage to buy some mask, face cleanser from Inniskin and DIY bracelet for the kids.

I got back and found all of them still deep in sleep.. I manage to drag the sleepy hubby and kiddos to Ding Wang for dinner at 5.30pm. We booked in the afternoon via telephone but it was the wrong place. When we went in, everything just looked sp different (as we dine in Ding Wang before a few years back). This restaurant does not accept credit card and we are running low on cash, plus we wanted to dine at Ding Wang mostly for memory sake. So we got out from the restaurant, called up the Ding Wang that we wanted. Phew, luckily still got place, so we got into a cab and reach in 10 minutes (NT 100).

Double "Yuan Yang" pot
This is good.. thinly sliced and fresh
I like this too.. scallop and fish paste
Kids love the taro balls

It was a good dinner as we enjoyed the familiar environment; food is pretty good as well. Kids enjoyed purple yam ball and I like the beef slice. As for hubby, he was pretty addicted to this crispy you tiao. It goes well when dip in sour ma la hot pot. Do try the black sauce as it goes really well with ma la hot pot. Rice is free flow and so does the tofu/duck blood in the ma la pot.

After dinner we went for a stroll at CKS Memorial. Jaclyn enjoyed and admired the theatre house architecture very much and Justin says that CKS Memorial looks like castle. I was pretty amazed that Jaclyn actually enjoyed the architecture so much. CKS Memorial is closed already when we reached at 8pm but we walked up the stairs anyway. 

CKS at night
Unwillingly let us took some photos...
Smile for the camera and we will release you guys for ur favourite running about
Okie, just one last one...

View from the memorial
We enjoyed the breeze and the kids enjoy the huge area to run around. Hubby and the kids got a treat of M&M at the vending machine that gave them 3 packets instead of 1. 

We took MRT back to Ximending and the kids played with their new puzzle after shower. While hubby put them to sleep, I went down for shopping once again, last chance before going home tomorrow. Now I understand why Ximending is such an “in” place and popular with teenager. It is not weekend or even Friday night but on a normal weekday and this place is bustling with shops or should I say stalls opening till late (most shops open past 10pm up to 12pm and some store open 24 hours)

I walked around until about 11pm and got a bowl of A Zhong Mian Xian for supper. Do add the sauces available at the sides, it makes the noodle taste much better (according to one of the taxi driver uncle). I went back and shared the noodle with hubby and we came down for another round of walk. 

Still open at wee hours
A bowl of A Zhong Mian Xian for supper

I had a Xiao Mei Ice Cream for dessert and it was yummy. Best ice cream for just NT 20. Chanced upon this uncle selling salted chicken and so long Q, his stall seems to just open at 12pm and lots of business. There are also a lot of temporary store that just open late at night selling clothes, soft toys and bags. We went back and rest at 1pm. Tomorrow will be going home, hence end of holiday!


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