Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 9

Day 9

We woke up at 8.30am today. Hubby prepared some pan fried salmon while I cook the squid. I am amazed on how the squid turn out as I did not have any recipe in mind, just pan fried it over the pan and added a tiny bit of salt. It is so nice but too sinful so we did not finish it. 

Pan Fried Squid
Pan Fried Salmon
We showered and left the hotel about 10.45am to try one of the Melbourne famous cafe, Manchester Press.

There was a queue but as it is weekday today, the queue aren't that bad. We got a seat within 10 minutes.
Interior of the cafe
Of course, we must order some coffee. Otherwise, it is a wasted trip.
The coffee is really good, now I know why Melbourne is famous for coffee. You don't see any Starbucks around cause their local coffee is really very good!
Manchester Press is famous for their bagel. I did not know what is the hype all about until I gave it a try. OMG, the bagel is so good. I have never tasted such a nice bagel....

I tried this berry bagel with raspberry mascarpone cheese topped with fresh strawberries and crushed pistachio. OMG! SO good, we even went back on the last day for more!
Bagel which is amazing! I did not know bagel can taste so good!
Hubby tried a savoury bagel. Ham,cheese and pickles with mini pretzels. It was all right but the sweets one are definitely better.
Savoury bagel
Enjoyed every bits of the bagel. Yum!!!
After a nice brunch, we walked back to the hotel. Took our stuff and went for Madeline's birthday party (one of our secondary school mate's daughter birthday party)

The birthday party is held at Crocs Ringwood Play Centre from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. 

It was a huge play centre with lots of slides, balls, activities area for the kids. Quite a good place for the kids to have lots of fun

Kids had lots of fun and had some titbits during the birthday party as well.

Birthday girl and her homemade cake pop, so nice!
you guys had fun here, didn't you? :)
After the party, we drove up to Yarra Valley. We visited De Botiris Winery and bought a couple of wines, some for the BBQ dinner tonight at hubby's colleague house and some to bring home.

We did not eat much at the party as we were quite full from brunch but by late afternoon, we are a little hungry. Unfortunately most of the restaurant in the winery are closed for break so we ended up eating McD again. 

After that, we went to Woolworth to buy some stuff to bring home (biscuit, milk powder etc) and had dinner at Mr G house. He prepared BBQ kangaroo meat for us and it is so nice. His wife made carrot, pineapple, coconut and raisin salad which is amazing. And his daughter and son made us Pavlova for desserts. Thanks a lot for your kind hospitality. 

Doggie of the house

Homemade Parlova
Had a good time chilling at their house before headed back to our hotel around 10pm.
My loot for the day from Woolworth , mainly is food!
At night, when the kids are asleep, we went down for a walk. It was drizzling but we are amazed on how many restaurants are still opened at midnight considering most shops in Australia closes early. There are still a lot of people walking around with their friends, enjoying the night life in the city centre. We are quite full from dinner so we did not eat anything, just went walking and then back to hotel and rest.

Day 10- Our last full day in Melbourne


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