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Restaurant Albergue 1601 Review (Macao)

I came across this restaurant while searching for where to dine during our trip. The review is good with a few recommendation of dishes to order. Plus, the location is near St Paul Ruins so it kinda fit in our schedule and here we are. This is really the best meal during our trip and I would say one of the best meal I ever had in my life so ya, I definitely highly super recommend this place when u come and visit Macao :)

Ambience is good and definitely good enough for special occasion. It is located in this super old building that is build in 1601 hence the name. The building has been redecorated and it looks pretty now. 
After we ordered, we were given a complimentary bread basket and warm/cold water.  We have ordered stuffed squid as entree but it was kinda disappointing. The squid is so small and there is hardly any stuffing inside. Cost MOP$88. At this point, I was a little disappointed but luckily the main course save the day. Ya, so just don't order this dish.
Main dish has…

Hong Kong Macao Travelogue March 2016 -Day 2

Day 2
Today we woke up when we are fully rested without the aid of an alarm clock. This is my definition of holiday, to rest, relax and at the same time explore a foreign country/place. So, I don't plan a hectic schedule, rather it is more of free and easy trip. 
Nevertheless we manage to wake up at 8am. We wanted to go for dim sum but ended up eating something simple from a local breakfast shop. The food has really nothing to shout about so I won't be commenting much. My mum bought some fruits and dried sweet potatoes (which is really nice by the way) and we are on our way to Macao. 
It was rather tricky to get to the ferry terminal as we needed to take a bus or MTR and then walked. So to save all the trouble, we just took a cab. And we only paid additional HKD$10 compared to the price we had to pay if we take bus and walked so I think it is super worth it.
We reached the terminal at 10.20am and there are a couple of freelance ticket seller selling ticket for 10.30am. Initial…

September 2015- Some School Holidays Fun

This is a post-dated short blog post on what we did last September during the school holidays. It is more of a cousin bonding time whereby my kids spends time with their cousin whom they do not see often during term time.

As there are 4 kids in the house (wide range of age - from a couple of months to 4 years old), they have different sleeping, eating and drinking schedule so our outdoor activities are kept to minimum. Rather, we spend most time bonding at home over playing toys for the kids and some chatting for the adults :)

One of our lunch is spend over Kiseki buffet. It is very affordable and variety is good especially when you go for weekday lunch. Do make booking ahead as they are quite popular. 
Kiseki Buffet @ Orchard Central:
Eating buffet with so many kids definitely require time and the buffet provide us with sufficient time. We take turn to eat, and feed the kids. It was tiring but I am glad everyone had a good meal.
We even went o…