Hong Kong Macao Travelogue March 2016 -Day 2

Day 2

Today we woke up when we are fully rested without the aid of an alarm clock. This is my definition of holiday, to rest, relax and at the same time explore a foreign country/place. So, I don't plan a hectic schedule, rather it is more of free and easy trip. 

Nevertheless we manage to wake up at 8am. We wanted to go for dim sum but ended up eating something simple from a local breakfast shop. The food has really nothing to shout about so I won't be commenting much. My mum bought some fruits and dried sweet potatoes (which is really nice by the way) and we are on our way to Macao. 

It was rather tricky to get to the ferry terminal as we needed to take a bus or MTR and then walked. So to save all the trouble, we just took a cab. And we only paid additional HKD$10 compared to the price we had to pay if we take bus and walked so I think it is super worth it.

We reached the terminal at 10.20am and there are a couple of freelance ticket seller selling ticket for 10.30am. Initially I was reluctant to buy from them but when I checked out the official ticket counter, they only have ticket for 11.30am onwards and the ticket is selling at HKD$164 for one way. The freelance seller is selling at HKD$160 and I don't have to wait an hour for the next ferry so I guess why not. Bought the ticket and we are on our way to Macao...

On board ferry. Macao is an hour away, so sit back, relax and off we go.

Upon reaching Macao, we passed through the immigration and off we go for our day trip. First stop is Fisherman's Wharf which is within 10 minutes walk from the ferry terminal. It is a mini Rome with a mini Coliseum. It is more of a sightsee and photo taking place for us. By the way, this place is free so just feel free to walk around.

Moving on, Sands Casino is just opposite so of course we walked over to catch a glimpse. Just ask where is the casino once you enter the hotel and the staff will gladly point you to the correct way. We explored a bit and then took a cab for lunch.

This place is really a gem and I have to say it is the best meal during this trip. I never knew Portuguese cuisine can be so good! Must try if you are in Macao even for a day trip like us...

Albergue 1601- Best meal of our trip!
Super old tree outside which dad is intrigue.
Albergue 1601 review: http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2016/03/restaurant-albergue-1601-review-macao.html

After a satisfying meal, we walked over to St Paul's ruins and it is still standing strong as the landmark of Macao. Lots of visitor around the area and it is a great place for more photos...

Selfie stick to the rescue :)
Love the flowers...

We stroll along the old town, bought cookies from Koi Kee (lots of free sampling by the way), ate a pork bun and I even bought a pair of sports shoe as my shoes is killing me from all the walking. It is nice when we do not have to rush as the ferry back to Hong Kong operates 24 hours (with less frequent ferry in the night of course but nevertheless, at least I know we won't be stranded)

Initially my plan include a visit to Taipa village for more local food but we are kinda tired and our stomach don't really  have much space so decided to give that a miss. So, moved on to Venetian which is my next stop. We took a cab and it is nice that the cab in Macao is all metered so no worries about being ripped off. Prices are reasonable as well. 

We reached Venetian, explore the casino and the shopping area. 

Fake sky.. so the sky is always blue and nice.. 

We ended the trip with an afternoon tea with the famous Lord Stow egg tart at the Venetian Shoppes. Cost MOP$10 each, the egg tart is to die for. It is very nice and for someone who is not a big fan of egg tart to say that, it definitely mean something. The coffee served here is good too!

Egg tart
We took the free casino shuttle bus to the ferry terminal (do note that there is another ferry terminal so make sure you take the correct bus). We bought the ticket for 6.35pm ferry back to Hong Kong and we reached at 7.30pm. We make a mistake on our way back. We took the correct bus but missed the stop and we kinda go round Hong Kong and reach Tai-O area... We finally reach hotel at 10pm after going on "bus ride". Had a quick dinner at Temple Street at one of the claypot rice place and went back to rest.

Day 3- http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2016/04/hong-kong-macao-travelogue-march-2016.html


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