A day trip to Fujairah, away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

Half term break- a phrase uncommon to schools in Asia. We have always known all breaks as school holiday. Here in international school , there is spring break, winter break , summer break and in between there is also some short half term break. This is the kids first school holiday after starting school in April 2018 so after a busy one and a half month, kiddy have 4 days to rest.

We spend the first two days hanging around the house, went to indoor playground and accompany daddy to collect his new car!

With our new ride, we decided one morning to go for a day trip to a nearby emirate. Fujairah is one of the seven emirates that makes up United Arab Emirates (UAE). It lies on the East Coast of UAE along the Gulf of Oman, well known for its beaches and Hajar Mountains. Its landscape is very much different from Dubai. Instead of skyscrapers, rocky mountains can be seen along the way and a 4WD car is ideal for exploring the emirates. A day trip from Dubai is great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A staycation along Fujairah Beach is also a popular choice for weekend trip.

As it was a last minute decision, we quickly packed up sunblock(weather is really hot these days hitting up to 46 degree Celcius in the day time), mineral water, snacks, umbrella, blanket for kids to use in car, swim clothes, towel and a change of clothes plus slipper.


Are u guys happy to be going on a spontaneous road trip? :) I guess the answer is YES!!!

Our first stop is to Wadi Siji. Wadi is Arabic for dry riverbed or valley oasis that looks like a water pool. It is summer now so it is dry most of the time. Wadi Siji is known for being one of the oldest dam build in UAE in the 70s. There is nothing much to see this time of the year but we had fun driving through the rocky roads, a bit of an adventure I must say.


We visited one wadi today @ Wadi Siji!

We stop at a random spot and start picnic-ing on our sweets....
A lot of rocks formation and sands and rocks mountain along the way ...
For lunch, we takeaway from KFC as it is not open for dine in. While we were busy buying food and going to toilet, Xin went to one side and ........

When we asked what is he doing... he is actually writing a mini travel diary.  I love how he organise his stuff and now starting to write a diary when no one teaches him about it. 

We then go to Al Bathnat Fort to have a look.... it has quite a few scenic photo spot ...

Al Bithnah Fort: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Bithnah

We are little model
A nice fort facing a majestic mountain.
Al Bathnah Fort

Mummy, handsome?
A jump shot is a must ! Both getting good in their jump shots!
And a wefie with sweet boy
Weather is really hot so we went back to our car and drove to Friday Market at Masafi town. We bought some mangoes @ AED 10/kg. We sample some at the stall and it was really good.

Masafi Friday Market: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g311321-d8292187-Reviews-Friday_Market-Fujairah_Emirate_of_Fujairah.html

Since we are in Masafi Town, we decided to drop by Masafi Fort to have a look.

Masafi Fort
Tourist shot
And one from the boy!
And a nice pose from my girl
We are all the way up here mummy....
There is a hot spring park called Ain Mudhab. We went and have a look. It is 2 dirhams for adult and 1 dirham for kids to go in. The swimming pool is closed , otherwise we could visit that for an additional 5 dirhams each. There are quite a few playground inside so kids were enjoying themselves and I took a shot of them running back to me when we were about to leave.

Carefree girl and boy! Stay this way...
Price list for entering the park
We thought it was a hot spring park but according to online research, the hot spring no longer exist. Now there is only park, playground and a public swimming pool.

It was still hot when we left the park so we went to Carrefour to buy some stuff and cool down before bringing the kids to the beach. It was their highlight of the day as they kept asking if the next stop is going to the beach.

Umbrella beach is a public beach and we parked and then the kids played by the water.

Umbrella Beach: https://foursquare.com/v/umbrella-beach-fujairah/4eb2147a8231c65b1a2a9dd9

Enjoying the black sandy beach
We brought water and give them a wash before heading for dinner. For dinner, we went to Al Meshwar Restaurant, one of the recommended Lebanese Restaurant around the town. We had grilled prawn, mixed grill (chicken, beef and mutton), biriyani and tauboleh.

Al Meshwar Restaurant: https://www.zomato.com/fujairah/al-meshwar-fujairah-city

Kids were really tired and fall asleep on their way home. 

P/S: Next time we must try the number one recommended Malaysian Chinese Restaurant ORIENTAL! They were closed for the whole Ramadan, not even open for dinner! 


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