Sunset @ Kite Beach, Dubai

Sunset at Kite Beach
Going to beach is a MUST for summer before it gets too hot! Nowadays temperature in daytime goes up to 46 degree Celcius and gets a little better in the evening. Before it gets too hot, we must hit the beach. We went to Umbrella Beach at Fujairah the other day and now that we are back to Dubai, we decided to go to Kite Beach!

Kite Beach:

Kids initially didn't want to go cause there is no toilet to shower at the Umbrella Beach but in the end, they decided to get ready and go!

In his new pants (chosen by himself) and sunglasses (from Shake Shack)
We reach about 6.30pm so that we get to play for 30-40 mins before the sun set and it won't be that hot! There is a public carpark and we parked there and it is just a short walk to the beach.

First thing the kids wanted to do is picnic. They had packed up some chocolates and Oreos at home so that they get to picnic....

Mummy, its time for picnic!
And the sun is slowly setting. Loving the sunset view!
Enjoying sunset..
After picnic, its time to play! It is a clean beach and the sand are really soft and nice!

I love sand castle!
I took a walk around and there is also a beach library with books for visitor to read.

Library at the beach!
There are a couple of restaurants along the beach but weather is really warm so there is no one eating. There are also some game stalls and trampoline. 

Shower is shared and water is warm due to summer. Might be cold in winter so do take note!

Was a great public beach with toilet, shower, some restaurant and game stall. We will come again! :)


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