A short trip to Oman, Jewel of Arabia (Part 2)

And our adventure began after a good night sleep. Today is our only full day in Muscat so we are gonna make full use of it. We had simple breakfast in our room and set off to the town of Quriyat. Our first stop is the small fishing village of Quriyat. It is a lovely small town and we chance upon a nice breakfast shop selling lovely Omani Bread. It was so good we ordered two extra servings. We paid OR$1.40 for 3 omani bread, tea and some flatbread.

Omani Bread
Omani cheese and egg bread with an extra crunch from chips
A lovely treat for our brekkie 
After a satisfying breakfast, we were on our way to the first attraction of the day, Bimah Sinkhole. It is easy to reach with proper road and proper carpark. The sinkhole is located in a park and there are proper staircase leading towards it.

Opening hours: 8am to 8pm daily. 

And there is no entrance fees. Public toilet is available in the park.

Bimah Sinkhole
It is really pretty and stunning, especially love the turquoise water. Great for a dip, swim, dive or just enjoying it visually.

A swim in the hot weather
There are quite a few visitors swimming but it was a little to hot for us to stay in the sun for too long. We dipped our legs and there are fishes that comes and eat the dead skin off our legs. Pretty cool.... we stayed for a bit then went back to our air con car...

For lunch, we visited the little town of Tiwi and had some biriyani and masala. Cost OR $4.50.

After a hearty lunch, we are ready for Wadi Al Shab. There were a lot of sharing online that mention it was a long walk to the wadi but we decided to pop by to have a look. 

And we found out indeed, it was a journey. We had to take a local boat across a tiny river. Paid OR$1 per adult for a return boat ticket. Kids were free. The person at the boat was kind enough to remind us to bring water and hat as the walk is going to be long.
I love this view when we were crossing the river... and the handsome back view of my sweetheart.

Upon reaching the opposite side, the hike began. Parts of the trail includes muddy patch of water, and there is not much shade along the way. We used cap and umbrella and do remember to bring water and apply tonnes of sunblock! Do bring slippers and a change of clothes (there are part of the journey that might get wet).

The sun is really blazing and after a 10-15 mins walk, we decided not to continue. We took a couple of photos on the way and then walk back. 

We will have to come back again when the weather is more tolerable. I am really impressed with those who managed to walk all the way there and back. We saw quite a few of them doing it. Salute!

Very sweaty even though we didn't finish the hike

On our way back to the shore..
We drove back to the town and enjoy the oldest part of the city, Muttrah. Their souq sells some traditional artwork and souvenir to remember Oman by. T shirt, lamp, magnet etc to name a few.

Lulu Hypermarket is highly recommended by travellers so of course we had to pop by to have a look even though we visited Lulu almost once every fortnight in Dubai. I have to say some items are relatively cheaper in Oman's Lulu and we got ourselves some bargain.

For dinner, we had an amazing time at Old Turkish Grill House. It is so good and I would highly recommended it. We had a mixed grill that comes with bread/hummus/cheese paste , chicken shawarma and fruit juices etc. Everything was perfect. Prices are reasonable as well. We paid $7.80 for the meal. 

Shawarma- meat. fries and garlic sauce in flatbread. Real yummm....
Mixed grill. Every item on it was great!
There is a mini amusement park opposites and kids get to play 3 games each. Each games cost OR$0.30 and we purchased the token at the entrance.

The next morning we enjoyed the hotel pool before checking out. The opera house stands majestically in the capital and the architecture was simple and nice. We pay a visit there and walk around the compound.

Royal Opera House Muscat

We wanted to visit Zanzibar Restaurant for lunch but it was closed for Eid. Old Turkish grill is also not open for lunch so we went to Turkish House Restaurant for seafood. We ordered a mixed starter, grilled fish, grilled calamari and chicken wings with some drinks. It was one of the more pricey meal we had in Oman, cost OR$18. 

The mixed appetiser is good. I love it...
Grilled fish

 Our cutie girl had such a great meal that after her meal, she can't find her shaky tooth. We searched everywhere but we can't find it, suspected that she might have swallowed it.

After lunch, we are on our way to Sohar town. We booked a night in Sohar and rest before driving back to Dubai the following day.

Treat in the room
It was more relaxing time in Crowne Plaza Sohar. Kids played in the bathtub, we had a nice Korean dinner and then shopping spree at the Emirates Gift Departmental Store (everything cost between 100 baisa to 1 rial).

The hotel is even equipped with bowling centre. It cost OR$5 for 30 mins and OR$8 for an hour.

Got his Ben 10 watch that he wanted for very long.
We opted for breakfast in the hotel. Paid OR$7 for breakfast. It was our breakfast cum lunch. 

The duo eating the Nutella neat!

We drove around town , wanting to visit their local handicraft market, camel racing track etc but all were closed due to Eid.

Sohar Fort
We then make our way back to the UAE. A photo of Sohar Fort to end the trip....

On our next trip-->

1. I want to visit Wadi Al Shab, hike to the destination and dip in water for a bit.

2. I want to visit the Grand Canyon of Middle East-->Jebel Akhdar/Jebel Shams, Nizwa and do some hiking in the mountains.

3. I wanna go camping at the off road Bandar Al Khayran or Al Fizayah beach.

5. I also want to try Fisher's Grill, Zanzibar Island Restaurant (Al Ghubra) and re-visit Old Turkish Grill Restaurant 

6. And maybe visit the white sandy beach of Mokhalla in Fins.

Till then... ciao.....


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