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Staycation @ Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Singapore

How often does one step foot in Changi Airport and not catching a flight or picking someone up?
For those who are staying in the east of Singapore, some might just go to the airport and enjoy their facilities, had some food, play at the playground or even do some groceries shopping. I think I am a little outdated as I did not even know that Changi Airport has NTUC as well (and their prices are not more expensive that the rest of NTUC).
However, for someone like me who stay in the West, I hardly step foot at Changi Airport unless I am flying off someone or picking up someone. For me to take a MRT or drive to Changi Airport is a big commitment as it is not exactly near and there are so many nearby playground and shopping mall that I can enjoy within minutes from my house. 
I hardly walk around the airport properly as I am usually rushing to catch a flight. It usually starts with a check in, then grab something to eat or drink while waiting for the plane. At most kids get to play a bit …

Summary of the month of OCTOBER!

Starting from this month, I am trying to do a summary of each month just to document a couple of memorable events that happens , even the tiniest little things that we do :)

October is a special month as it is my cutest hubby and daddy's birthday...
Getting present for hubby is always an headache because he is very particular with his things. He likes to keep it simple... 
Last year I treated him at Gordon Ramsey @ MBS, the year before that- a personalised Photobook and a purse a year before that.
This year, I wanted to get him a drone that he wanted but he refused. And it is not something I could buy for him myself (as I am not sure which model and types that he wanted) so I thought maybe a short getaway will be nice... and a surprise one... and something that wouldn't make him tired... Desaru crossed my mind but that means he had to drive 1-2 hours there and 1-2 hours back, plus driving us around to get food etc... so crossed that off the list.
So when he is out for business…