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A short trip to Oman, Jewel of Arabia (Part 2)

And our adventure began after a good night sleep. Today is our only full day in Muscat so we are gonna make full use of it. We had simple breakfast in our room and set off to the town of Quriyat. Our first stop is the small fishing village of Quriyat. It is a lovely small town and we chance upon a nice breakfast shop selling lovely Omani Bread. It was so good we ordered two extra servings. We paid OR$1.40 for 3 omani bread, tea and some flatbread.

After a satisfying breakfast, we were on our way to the first attraction of the day, Bimah Sinkhole. It is easy to reach with proper road and proper carpark. The sinkhole is located in a park and there are proper staircase leading towards it.
Opening hours: 8am to 8pm daily. 
And there is no entrance fees. Public toilet is available in the park. It is really pretty and stunning, especially love the turquoise water…

A short trip to Oman, Jewel of Arabia (Part 1)

Sultanate of Oman, this is probably a country that was not on my travel list when we were residing in Asia. There are just too many country to visit- from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand to the many countries in Europe, many of which I have not step a foot. However, now that we are relocated to UAE, Muscat is just 4.5 hours drive away from Dubai and there are just too many pretty scenery not to be missed. 
Muscat is not big, but it is full of heritage, from their old town Muttrah to the modern Royal Opera House, many forts and pretty architecture around their capital. One could drive alongside two huge limestone mountains and still be in their city centre. An hour and a half drive away and you will be embracing scenic beach, great view of the ever famous Hajar Mountain, and their famous valley which is more well known as "wadis. 
Before I share our travel diary, lets look at some of the preparation we did before our trip.
First we need to apply for VISA …

Sunset @ Kite Beach, Dubai

Going to beach is a MUST for summer before it gets too hot! Nowadays temperature in daytime goes up to 46 degree Celcius and gets a little better in the evening. Before it gets too hot, we must hit the beach. We went to Umbrella Beach at Fujairah the other day and now that we are back to Dubai, we decided to go to Kite Beach!

Kite Beach:
Kids initially didn't want to go cause there is no toilet to shower at the Umbrella Beach but in the end, they decided to get ready and go!
We reach about 6.30pm so that we get to play for 30-40 mins before the sun set and it won't be that hot! There is a public carpark and we parked there and it is just a short walk to the beach.

First thing the kids wanted to do is picnic. They had packed up some chocolates and Oreos at home so that they get to picnic....

And the sun is slowly setting. Loving the sunset view!
After picnic, its time to play! It is a clean beach and the sand are really soft and nice!

I took a walk arou…