Family Trip 2017 @ Cameron Highland, Malaysia (Day 4)

Today we also had light breakfast in hotel (bread, strawberries etc) and got ready by 10am...

The flowers hubby bought from morning market yesterday bloom...
Close up of the pretty flowers
Girl with her first bunch of flowers
Our first destination is the NEW BOH TEA PLANTATION.... but alas, GPS brought us to the wrong plantation. We spend like 45 mins driving which includes some narrow and winding road, but wrong place. Do be careful as the google map shows picture of the new plantation but send you to the old one... and we met some other tourist who also came to the wrong place based on google map.

Nevertheless, we decided to just had our tea, shortbread and cakes here anyway...We had carrot cake, green tea tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake. All cakes tasted quite good!

* Do note that BOH TEA PLANTATION closed on MONDAY!

Brunch with tea and cakes!
Cute Hannah
Next, we stop by a bee farm which also have some strawberries plant with some flowers. We bought wild honey for RM45 (500ml). Wild honey generally cost more as the nutritional value is higher. Wild bee go around in the wild, making honey from pollen from different flowers. Compare to bees that are rear, the bees make honey from flower provided by the owner.

Check out the link for GPS coordinate of the two Boh Tea Plantation location. If you wanted to go to the new plantation, Sungei Palas Garden is the one.

Next up, we went to Bharat Tea Plantation. The location of the Bharat tea plantation is more strategic by the main road unlike Boh Tea Plantation which is very deep inside with narrow and windy road. It used to be free entrance but now, there is an entrance fees of RM 2 per person if you are walking. If you would like to tour by their mini van, RM 10 per person. 

Posing with pretty flowers
Love the flowers
Grandpa and granddaughter 
The tea plantation has nice view but be prepared to walk quite a bit as there are lots of steps on the way down and lots of steps to climb on the way up. 

Nice view of the tea plantation
Took quite a bit of photos at the tea plantation and kids had fun time at jumping shot. 


Series of jumping shots...

Justin only cooperate to take this handsome shot so that I will take his individual jumping shot ...
Got what he wanted, an individual jumping shot

After a tedious walk, we settled our lunch at Restoran Sri Brinchang ala mamak style. We had prata , naan and biriyani, all are satisfied with lunch!

We wanted to go to Lavender Garden after lunch but my younger sister's car ran into some problem. The water tank broke so we ended up calling a tow car to repair. The repair took quite sometime so kids went back to nap.

Luckily all the spare parts are available and we got the car repaired by 6pm.

For dinner we had steamboat at one of the many steamboat restaurant at Brinchang. It cost RM23 per person with a set of meat/vegetables/seafood (no refill) . We also ordered some dishes to top up. 

After dinner, we went to Golden Hills Pasar Malam (night market) which sells similar item to Kea Farm Market in the morning. This pasar malam opens daily unlike the main one at Tanah Rata which only open during weekend. 


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