Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 5)

Everyone is indeed exhausted from the hectic schedule for the past few days and no one wakes up until almost 10am. I practically jump out of bed, as breakfast is only until 10.30am. We quickly changed out of our pyjamas and went down for breakfast.

Pictures of complimentary breakfast at Westgate Hotel Ximending: http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2015/09/westgate-hotel-review-ximending-taipei.html

After breakfast, it is time to get ready to go out. Today we did not plan for much as we had been to Taipei several times before so more of just a relax and walk around few days. We only got out of hotel at midday! Seriously OMG, half a day is gone. 

We decided to lunch at Din Tai Feng branch @ Taipei 101 as we heard much raved about the food, how it tasted so much nicer than their branch overseas bla bla bla. We took MRT there for NT25 per person. 

As we exit the MRT to Taipei 101, we saw Din Tai Feng just at its doorstep. Manage to snap this cool looking model as we walked pass the restaurant! :)

Nice pose young man!
There is a queue to get a number so we got ours and the wait time is about 30 minutes. We were given a piece of paper menu to order while we wait. Menu is somewhat similar to its branch in Singapore. 

These are what we had: 

Appetitiser- black fungus
Stir fry vegetable
Fried rice for the kids
Xiao Long Bao (Steamed dumpling with meat)
My wonderfully executed beef noodle!
Beef tendon is so good!
My MUST order dessert at all time (Song Gao)!

VERDICT:  I LIKE the beef noodle in Singapore but I SUPER LIKE the beef in Taiwan! The meat is so much more tender and flavorful. After trying beef in Singapore once, I had always ordered the noodle without the beef as the beef in Singapore is very hard. In Taipei, you must always order the beef, no regrets! Thumbs up for the beef noodle! 

Xiao Long Bao and Song Gao is very good as well. It is a hit with the kids. Hubs love the dumpling. Other dishes were just all right. Overall, I would still be back if I ever go to Taipei again for the beef noodle, plus the price is pretty reasonable for Taipei restaurant standard. The only downside is the queue as they do not accept any reservation.

There are a number of branches of Din Tai Fung in Taiwan so you could check this out and plan our your itinerary :)

After lunch, we walked around 101 for a bit but nothing much to buy as it is all very high end items. I got lots of free sample though (sunblock, eye mask etc), so I am a happy girl.

Our next stop will be pretty shocking as we will be heading back to hotel to rest. OMG!!! Seriously, I thought we just got out at 12pm. Well, I guess my sleeping gene is inherited by my kids. So yes, by 2 plus we are back in hotel and all of us fall asleep in no time. 

Heading back to nap! OMG seriously!

We only woke up at 6pm (actually initial plan is to wake up at 4.30pm and even though someone came and repair the toilet door, no one wakes up and I just slept back too after attending to the staff). So we are late for our evening plan but we go ahead anyway. 

We took MRT to Danshui (Cost: NT50 per person) and only reach at 7.30pm. Bought my favorite Mister Donut’s chewy doughnut to munch. Mister Donut is one of my favourite snack during my previous trip and it did not disappoint. Love its chewy texture which is so much different from conventional doughnut. Try the double chocolate as it is my favourite!

Mister Donut craze!

Jaclyn and Justin saw this bubble electric toy gun spurting out lots of bubble and they just happily jumped around. I love to see them enjoying themselves without any worries of the world, galloping instead of walking, doing things they love. 

We walked around the old streets, bought black quail egg for my sister-in-law and some tidbits that I thought were not too bad. Lots of food to sample along the way. There is this ancient toy store that is quite cute and kiddos bought some mini toys to play. Price is really reasonable too.

We were looking for ferry to go to Lover’s Bridge but it seems to have closed for the day. So, we took a cab over instead and cost about NT150.

TIPS: So, for the benefit of future travellers, I found this information online.

Operating hours for ferry to Fisherman's Wharf (Lover's Bridge area)
11:00~20:00 on weekdays
11:00~21:00 on weekends

So we kinda missed the ferry for a bit only, if we woke up like an hour earlier we could have caught the ferry :(

We dine at this café that hubby and me went before in 2008 before we have the kids. No one is singing today as it is late already. Upon checking with the staff, the singing stops at 8.30pm and we are just 15 minutes late and we missed the live band. Oh well....

Jaclyn: Mummy, since no one is singing so let me entertain you!

After dinner around 10pm, we went back to Danshui Old Street and most shops closed already. We took MRT  back and after shower, kids played for a bit and went to sleep.

Night and sweet dreams....Enjoying this nice night scene photo before popping into bed!

Pretty night view @ Lover's Bridge!

Day 5- http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2015/10/taiwan-travelogue-september-2015-day-6.html


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