Taiwan Travelogue September 2015 (Day 2)

Sun rise pretty early and it was already bright when I woke up at 6 plus in the morning. Obviously I slept back as it was just too early to wake up. Jaclyn woke up at about 7 plus and came by to give me a hug, she said she had a good sleep and I am glad. Justin still snoozing away and Jaclyn played on her own quietly. She was hungry already but it is not breakfast time yet so she had some biscuit and strawberry yogurt drink that we bought a day earlier. 

Breakfast was served sharp at 8.30am as requested. It is placed in a cupboard at the entrance and when the light is switch on, we went down and collect our breakfast. 

Lights up means breakfast is served! Time to fill the empty stomach!!!
Breakfast for the day!
This is my favourite in the set- spring onion pancake

After breakfast, we showered and went out about 10am.

Its time to "Buzz Off", I am all set to go!
Why so gloomy Jaclyn....
Note: We planned to go farm and a walking trail so we got the kids ready in sun block, insect repellant band and covered shoesHat and sunglasses are optional so the kids get to decide if they would like to bring them.

We placed our key card at reception and opted to get our room cleaned up while we were out. 

On our way to our first stop, we called Honglou Restaurant to make reservation for our lunch. I have heard much raved on its Roasted Duck Nigiri (baked sushi rice with cheese top with duck skin) and reservation is recommended to guarantee seats. 

There is 2 seating for lunch and 11.45am is full but luckily we manage to book for the 1.30pm seating. There is only a choice of 4 person set meal or 6 person set meal so we had to go with 4 person set meal. 

First stop is E-long Goat Farm as the kids wanted to see pig for the longest time. Review online is pretty good and they have goat, pig, chicken, duck etc. It is about 20 minutes drive from our motel and we spend a good 2 hours there. 

GPS Coordinate: 24.688054,121.735296

They have their own parking area which is good. Entrance fees is NT30 per person (free for kids below 3 years old) and it is paid on our own into a milk tin placed at the entrance. It is 100% based on trust and honesty which is great. 

Entrance fees paid at the entrance, entirely based on trust!

The farm consists of a few animal feeding area, a lake , playground and indoor shops (souvenir and food). 

Turkey roaming the ground

First activity of the day is CATCHING FISH! (NT30 for 10 minutes).

Lots of fish to catch and place in the bowl

Look mummy, I can do it on my own!

We got a few bottle of milk to feed the piglet (NT30 each), some carrots stick for the rabbit and guinea pig (NT10 each) and a bunch of grass for the goat (NT10 each). Jaclyn enjoyed feeding the rabbit and goat. The pig sucks the milk pretty profusely from the bottle so the kids get quite scared. In the end, I had to feed most of the milk on my own.

Time to get some milk and carrots for the animals!

Feed me, please....
There you go, little piglet!
Justin: Mummy, I scared! The most I can do is just stand by your side! I don't want to feed the pig!
Oh, now is rabbit's turn...I love rabbit. I wanna give them some carrots! 
Little lamb is also pretty cute. Lets give them some grass!
Ah.. very tired after feeding. I think the best thing is still playing with Peppa Pig!
And playing with swing while admiring the....
.....parrot! This parrot can talk and it is so cute!!!!

Meanwhile, Jaclyn had fun time feeding the animals (except the piglet)
Mummy, they are all very hungry! We need more carrots....
Lamb loves my grass too! Oh, so happy today!

After feeding the animal, we decided to feed ourselves for a change. Hehe! We had soft serve of goat’s milk ice cream and chocolate flavor goat milk. It is an acquired taste especially for the ice cream as it is original goat milk ice cream. Jaclyn had some and decided it is not her cup of tea so she went and play at the playground instead. Justin enjoyed the ice cream for a bit and then went and join his sister. I had to finish the ice cream on my own as hubby doesn’t quite like goat’s milk.

Goat's milk ice cream and chocolate milk

About 12.30pm we went for our lunch reservation in Honglou Restaurant that is located in Silks Place Yilan Hotel. We reached the restaurant at 1pm and we can start our meal. 

Set meal menu for 4 person
The 4 person set meal consist of a few item- appetiser (choose 2 from 8-we had cold shredded jelly fish and marinated sweet water chestnut), seafood selection of the day (boiled prawn with sauce), Cherry Valley Roasted Duck Cuisine in 5 ways (Stewed duck tongue, wings and flippers, Sliced Duck Meat in Light Scallion Crepe, Roasted Duck Nigiri, Stir Fry Shredded Duck Meat with Cabbage and Duck Soup), Chef Recommendation Dish (choose 1 from 4-we had deep fried king oyster mushroom in salted egg), Boiled Vegetable with Scallion in Duck Oil (choose 1 from 5- we had Spring Onion), Dessert (choose 1 from 3) and 4 glasses of fresh juice-watermelon juice).

Seafood selection of the day is prawn dip in yummy sauce

We were served a pot of tea, watermelon juice with appetiser. Both appetisers that we had is really good. 

Chef performing at each table
After that, chef will come to our table and slice the roasted duck dish in front of us, and one waitress came and explains each of the 5 specialty duck dishes. The roasted duck nigiri and Sliced Duck Meat in Light Scallion Crepe is prepared on the spot. We love the Roasted Duck Nigiri, it is so good! Sushi rice baked with cheese on top and wrap with a piece of duck skin. Best eaten as a whole, crispy duck skin with bursting oil from the skin goes really well with the sauce and baked cheese rice. 

Roasted Duck Nigiri is served....
This is REAL GOOD! Still reminiscing the taste while writing this post!!!

Justin had 2 and a half pieces, it is really THAT GOOD! A jug of fruit vinegar is provided to counter the oiliness of the duck skin.

Mummy, how come you don't cook like this..... I can eat triple portion every day!

Sliced duck wrap in light scallion crepe

Next up we had the stir fry shredded duck with cabbage, fried oyster mushroom with salted egg, boiled spring onion with scallion in duck oil and soup. I love the fried oyster mushroom, it is yummy! 

Boiled spring onion in duck oil
Fried oyster mushroom in salted egg yolk
Stir fry shredded duck wrap with cabbage
Duck soup

Lastly is dessert.

Dessert- yam paste with 8 dried fruits

We were so full towards the end but really satisfied with the overall dining experience. 

Cheers to a wonderful lunch!
Price is at high end though (in Taiwan standard as you can easily fill your stomach with much less at local restaurant or night market). 

The set is NT3999 plus 10% tax. Parking token is validated at restaurant and they provide a 4 hours complimentary dining.

Note: Do make reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment and do allow at least 2 hours for the meal.

After meal, our next stop is Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park that is 30 minutes away. Kids fall asleep on the way to Jiaosi so we just parked at the car park near the bus station and let the kids sleep. They slept for about 2 hours. While they sleep, hubby and me take turn to go around and walk around. There is quite a number of hot springs around and there is a hot spring next to the Visitor Centre that is free so I went for a dip to rest my leg. This is a small one and only leg is allowed J

Kiddos wake up about 5.30pm and they are hungry so we bought them some steamed bao and steamed cake from convenience store at the bus station. After that we went for leg dipped hot spring and the kids had fun.

Having fun dipping in warm hot spring water
 Note: Do bring extra clothes and towel as the kids can get pretty wet walking around the hot spring.

We wanted to go to Luodong Night Market for dinner but ended up at this roast chicken place. It was so crowded when we drive passed so we decided to dine here instead. We did not make a wrong choice. The chicken is roasted in this huge urn using local wood fire log and it is so well marinated and tasty. Chicken is served whole and we had to tear it ourselves using the gloves provided, quite a cool dining experience J

Didn't manage to take any picture of the food though.... 

Crowded restaurant

Note: They had their own parking space on both sides of the road so do look out for it if you are driving. Takeaway is available as well and patron does not need to get out from car for takeaway. 
Also, no credit card is accepted so do bring CASH!

After dinner, kids had bath time again and it is time for bed. 

Next up, Day 3 we will be going for a day trip to Taroko Gorge and Hualien town centre: http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2015/09/taiwan-travelogue-september-2015-day-3.html


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