LEGO ---- Level Up

LEGO is one of the kids favourite pastimes (besides iPad of course, which I wouldn't let them play for too long). However, with LEGO the rule doesn't apply. As long as they finish their homework and don't fight while playing, they can play as long as they want and I do enjoy watching them play. They spend a good hour building and they start to bring in their little character (some lego ones and some from their favourite cartoon show). Then the play pretend began and that can last for hours while mummy work on her own things , win win! 

We only started the kids on LEGO around 4/5 years old so we kinda skip the DUPLO stage and go straight to the classic LEGO box. Our first purchase is the lego box that is suitable for 4-99 years old so that we can play for 95 years (give or take 😜)

The kids still love their classic LEGO and we have bought a couple more after that so that they can add on to their collection. I believe it can still keep them occupied for at least couple more years but coding is increasingly popular now and over the summer holidays, we attended a couple of free coding session at Apple Store so I guess it is time to upgrade or I should say add on (since we went be discarding the old one which still are lots of fun).

And therefore presenting our LEGO Boost where we can build, code and play. It is a 5 in 1 model where we can build 5 things to play with -- we have the classic Vernie The Robot, Guitar, MTR, Auto Builder and the Cat.

The kids are excited with their new toy! Our first project is Vernice The Robot and as we speak, it is in progress. It does takes time to build and we did it in phase. The cool part is we get to code and play with different function as we build so we can start playing even when the robot is not completed and were introduced to different things the robot could do, for example we can programme certain movement (going forward, turning, going backwards) that is activated by a handshake!
Excited with their new toy! 
So, the coding is done using a tablet where an application is downloaded to link the tablet to the robot . This is fun but for beginner, will need some help and guidance from the adults, otherwise kids will be a bit lost.

Definitely one of our recent good buys and hopefully we can have many fun-filled afternoon!


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