Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 6

We woke up at 8 plus in the morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of kangaroos. However, still no signs of them. Bumble bee Justin is disappointed so he ended up helping me to wipe the window and he is pretty good at it.

Bumble bee busy at work
Hardworking boy..

I am done! Cutie with his coconut hair!
Jaclyn woke up and both of them went out to the sun deck to see if there is any kangaroo come hopping... None :(

Love the view from the deck...
We had breakfast and left at 10.30am for Gibson Steps Lookout. It is a mere 5 minutes drive from where we stayed. 

Instead of driving to the next lookout @ Twelve Apostles, we decided to be a little bit more adventurous. We did the Great Ocean Walk of 2.2km to Twelve Apostles with the kids...

The Great Ocean Walk

And we reached!
Daddy detour back to drive the car over so that we do not need to walk back. Meanwhile, I got us a sausage roll and coffee. While enjoying our sausage rolls, lots of birds came flying around us. They wanted some food as well so we fed them with the bread we bought couple of days back.

Twelve Apostles <3
Weather is getting better, sunny and warmer!
And we have reached the Twelve Apostles. The view is great, really as good as it is in the picture or maybe even better when you are there! 

* I read couple of reviews commenting that the view at Twelve Apostles is less magnificent than the rest of Great Ocean Road but I beg to differ. I think Twelve Apostles is totally the highlight of The Great Ocean Road. Must not be missed!

Little boy boy!
Cute duo.

On the way back to the visitor centre, the kids are so high. Started singing and drawing all the attention from the other visitors! These two are really adorable...

Singing time...
After a scenic visit, we drove to Port Campbell for lunch at the Twelve Rocks Beach Bar. It is already 1pm and we are pretty hungry after the walk.

Beef with rice.
Pizza for the kids..
After lunch, we continue taking in the sights...

London Bridge!
Postcard worthy photo!
The grotto...

The Grotto...
Some wild flowers...
We then headed back to the house at 3.30pm for the kids to nap.

The weather had been great for the past few days, much better than when we are in Phillip Island... I manage to go out to the sun deck to enjoy the breeze and the sun with a cup of espresso.

Chilling with a cup of espresso.
Jaclyn woke up much earlier than Justin and we went nearby for a stroll... 

Postcard- London Bridge in 1990 compared to now..
Cute post box ...
Little poser...

Lovely sunset...
We are supposed to go for a evening walk after the kids nap but Justin is not feeling too well. So, we had to abandon the evening walk plan. 

For dinner, we had a simple home cook food.

Stir fry potato, egg and sausage. Simple meal
Heat up the pepper marinated beef I bought from groceries shop .
Did some colouring and chill for the rest of the night...


I am going to side track a little to talk about this Papaw Ointment. I have heard so much good review about it and I have finally experienced it for myself its wonder. Justin got scalded when we were in Phillip Island and after a couple of application with Papaw Ointment, he had gotten better. This ointment is definitely a good ointment to bring along for "just in case purposes". Can be used for insect bite, nappy rash and even burn.
Papaw Ointment


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