Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 4

Today we will be departing Phillip Island and heading to Great Ocean Road. We had breakfast at home, packed up our stuff and depart by 10.30am.

Before departing Phillip Island for good, we stopped by Cape Woolamai. The beach area is huge, clean sand and vast sea...There are a couple of surfers surfing in the sea as well.

Cape Woolamai
Once the kids saw the sand, they shouted " We want to play with the sand!"

I brought slippers for them so we changed their shoes into slippers and off they go!
Little Jaclyn playing with sand..
One of his latest signature SMILE

I am a happy girl!
We played for about an hour and the kids left Cape Woolamai, feeling satisfied.

It is almost lunch time so we had a quick stop at McD for toilet and some bites. They have breakfast set all day long, we got ourselves a nugget and some hash brown and of course, not forgetting our FAVOURITE FRIES!

We started our journey and by 2.30pm, we reached LARA town. All are famished and we couldn't wait for our next stop at Lorne for lunch so we settle for noodle canteen at Lara town for lunch.

Surprisingly the noodles are quite good and the portion is large. It cost $10.80 for a stir fry noodle and its huge!

Stir fry Special Chilli Noodle...yummy
Finally, the start of Great Ocean Road..
We stopped by Lorne town for whale watching but no luck.. didn't spot a single whale. Kids ended up very happy cause there is a huge playground.

It is too COLD so everyone is all wrapped up!
I am the CAPTAIN of the ship!

We continue our journey before it gets too dark. It gets dark really fast in winter. By 5.30pm, it is pitch dark outside! Luckily we manage to reach Kennett River Holiday Park (tonight's accommodation) by 5pm.

The sun is setting...
Our comfy Couple Cabin for the night!
For detailed review of Kennett River Holiday Park, check it out here:
Sofa in the living room... with reverse cycling air conditioner.
We settled down and wanted to go out for glow worm walk along Grey River Picnic Area but the trail is quite deep inside (5km from main road) and it is quite scary cause the glow worm only glowed when the sun set. 

Luckily we manage to spot some koalas on the tree!

Watching koalas...
The only places to eat nearby is Koala Cafe (prices are quite steep), the rest of the place is more than 20 minutes drive away. As it was dark and we are not familiar with the road, we decided to settle with some bread with jam, yogurt and fruits for dinner. 

Dinner at home...

Hide "n" Seek- their new favourite
Kids played and we enjoyed watching stars at night. It was so dark outside and the whole sky is full of stars. It is really pretty and something we would not see in Singapore. 

And for today, we have another activity! Photographic Memory... kids are supposed to draw the animals which they have seen for this couple of days... Highland Cow, Koalas, Kangaroo, Wombat, Deer.. anything at all....

Attentive Jaclyn drawing...
The end results were quite abstract especially for Justin. They are probably too young to draw it well but i am glad they tried and did their best of "describing" what they have seen via drawing! Good job everyone!

Day 5-


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