Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 5

We had a great rest at the holiday park cabin. It is a wonderful stay. The next morning, we woke up early at 8am as we wanted to see if there is any koalas on the trees (was not able to see much as it was almost dark already when we reach).

Morning walk while searching for any signs of Koala 
Mummy, where are the koalas.....while sister goes "Koala.... where are you?"
Unfortunately, we are out of luck. No koalas to be found on the trees anywhere. We did see lots of birds though...

So, we went back to the cabin, had breakfast, shower and checked out at 10am.

We went back to the road leading to Grey River as we managed to spot a koala on the tree yesterday night. The same koala is still sleeping, looks so cute like a fur-ball!

We passed by Cape Patton Lookout and we stop for a bit to enjoy the scenery.

Next stop is Apollo Bay. There is a huge playground so the kids went and play.

Happy - back from the playground.
For lunch, we ate at Sandy Feet Cafe. The food is amazingly nice and warm.

Love her smile
and her funny face
The 2 cheeky one..
Seafood hot pot as it is called- mussels, scallop, squid and prawn in this delicious and slightly spicy sauce, served with bread
Fried rice with egg and chicken
Stir fry chicken
Water is complimentary at the cafe. The meal is good, very yummy! 

After lunch, I bought some beef and cauliflower at IGA Express as there is not much convenience store or restaurant near our accommodation tonight.

We found this huge koala, lets cuddle!
Kids had ice cream. I wanted to but after tasting a few flavours, nothing cause my taste bud. It is award winning, by the way.

Dooley's Ice Cream- apparently award winning
By 1.15pm, we are on our way again. We detour we wanted to see Otway Lighthouse but it's entrance fees are quite pricey. We thought it is free and we can just pop by to have a look. But at a price of $19.50 for adult and $7.50 for the kids, we decided to give it a miss. So, ended up detour for nothing.

Since we did not get to see the actual lighthouse, i took a photo of the postcard.
and some broken ship that is displayed at the entrance.
*Tips- if you do not plan to pay to go in, then don't bother detour. One could really see nothing from the front door. Not even a glimpse of the lighthouse. We saw many tourist went in and checked out the entrance fees and then left. 

We drive through Great Otway National Park and reach Apostles Rest (21, Old Post Office Road, Princetown) at 3pm. We will be staying here for 2 nights!

We are here!
The nice balcony which I love sitting there while sipping my coffee in the evening!
The house is really nice, I totally love the view! It has a fully equipped kitchen, heater in individual room, extra duvet for winter, washer, dryer, iron, espresso machine, rice cooker, hairdryer and basically everything you need for a holiday stay. 
Optus line is good here too, so one could stay in touch with loved ones back home!

We settled in and while it is still bright, we went to Port Campbell (15 mins drive away). Kids went crazy chasing the seagull (seems like their favourite activity this trip).

Time to chase the seagulls
Port Campbell
Taking in the view

I love my brother
Jumping, jumping!
Jump, jump, jump!
We wanted to eat at Port Campbell before driving back but dinner is only served 5.30pm onwards. So, we bought a cupcake instead for the kids and went home for home cook dinner.

Kangaroos have been seen visiting the house at dusk and dawn so we wanted to come back and feed them. Unfortunately, no kangaroos to be seen!
We are waiting and nothing :(
For dinner, i make some stir fry noodle.

After dinner and shower, kids tried on their new pyjamas!

There is lots of DVR and books at the house. The kids watch movie on TV and I chill with a book while hubby used his laptop to work! Time to rest!

Day 6- Highlight of Great Ocean Road @ Twelve Apostles!


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