Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 3

The next morning, we woke up at 9am. Everyone got ready and we are out of the house by 11am.

Having breakfast at the comfort of house...
We went to Warrock Farm which is an hour drive away. We did not opt for the guided farm tour which is much pricier as we had experience many sheep shearing, milking cow etc already. Instead, we opted for the fauna tour which cost $12 for adult. Free for kids under 12 years old.

There are some animals available for feeding... wombat, kangaroos, deer, duck, geese and goat. We feed them with carrots and bread (for duck, geese)

There is also a koala bear which happens to be awake while we visited.

Koala bear...
Rare to see one awake during day time...
Feeding the "roos"

Eating happily..
Enjoying it's carrots..

Feeding the deers..

Little lamb...

Finish feeding animals and now we are on our way to McD drive through for more fries (we find that their fries are so much nicer!)
Overall, we find that Warrock Farm does not live up to our expectation. There are limited animals available for feedings and the wombat's teeth is actually quite sharp so we did not let the kids feed it. 

Warrock farm

For lunch, we do a drive through at McD as we crave for their yummy fries and nuggets. It is so nice and especially good when you had hot pipping fries in winter! 

Plus, we wanted to get to Churchill Island Heritage Farm before the cow milking session so we just had our lunch while on the way to save time!

Happy Meal with angry bird theme. Milk shake of the kids!
Yummy fries...and nuggets!
And yay!!! We arrived just in time and Jaclyn had so much fun milking the cow. She went for it TWICE while Justin did ONCE.

Milking the cow... Jaclyn says its soft... haha!
Justin's turn...
Took off her jacket and went for it again!
We then spend some time on the grounds, enjoying the scenery while the kids started to find their own entertainment....

First, they played with the geese feathers...

Then it time for some photoshoot..Loving these series of photos..
Nice one...
Loving her smile...

Black and white version...
Next they started chasing each other with a stick...
And then the cheeky one started to throw this little fruits he found on the floor at me... laughing cheekily...
Look at his face!!!
We were playing and he ended up being hit by the fruits... then he started crying...

And play with the tree trunks...they spend ages on this activities.. like really long while hubby and me enjoy some quiet peaceful time.
Highland cow which is a gift by Scotland.
A quick shot with the cutie highland cow soft toy...
Admiring the highland cow once again by the road side before bidding goodbye to them.. till we meet again!
We went back to the house for the kids to have a nap before hitting Rusty Water Restaurant for dinner. We were pretty disappointed with their food as they were rated pretty well on Trip Advisor for food on Phillips Island but the quality is really not there. 

Pork ribs was hard and the accompanied vegetable is normal..

We ended the day with SHOW and TELL in Chinese (we did ENGLISH yesterday).

Show 'n' Tell time

Kids went to bed while daddy and mummy packed up as we are leaving for GREAT OCEAN ROAD trip tomorrow!

Day 4- Great Ocean Road


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