Summary of my 8 days 7 nights Kaoshiong, Alishan & KenDing Trip

Spot the monkey

I have flew to TaoYuan International Airport a couple of times (either visiting Taipei and surrounding, Taipei plus TaiZhong or Taipei, Yilan and Hualien).

With Scoot's direct flight to KaoShiong Airport and the fact that I have not visited the Southern part of Taiwan yet, I figure it warrants a trip to explore this part of Taiwan which I have not yet visited. 

A direct flight from Singapore to Kaoshiong took 4 hours and it definitely saves time compared to taking a flight to TaoYuan and change to High Speed Rail to Kaoshiong. In terms of price, it is much cheaper as well. 

A quick search on internet shows that there is only two airlines that have direct SIN to KHH (Scoot and China Airline). 

Scoot operates three times a week and China Airline twice a week.

These are the hotels we stayed during the trip. 

Kindness Hotel Jhong Jhong 
Price: SGD 80 per night for a double bedroom 

奮起湖大飯店 (Fenchihu Hotel)
Price: SGD 120 for a quad room (2 double beds)

No. 27, Kending Road, Hengchun Township, 946, Taiwan (booked via AirBnB)
Price: SGD 190 for a quad room (2 double beds)

This is the car rental company which we booked for our trip. Unfortunately only in Chinese and the pick up location is near the HSR station . 

In Taiwan whereby English is not first language, you do need to convert your Singapore Driving Licence to International Driving Permit, you can do it online or visit the centre. Cost : $20

Do note that Taiwan is left hand drive, so be careful when driving on the first few days as you will need time to get used to it. 

Parking fees
One thing I like about Kaoshiong city, you can park on the sidewalk as long as it is indicated for parking. There is no coin-operated parking fees payment machine but no matter how short you park, you will get this parking fees charges on your windscreen and you can just pay it at 7-11 at your convenience. I have not seen anyone slipping this onto our windscreen but it is just there every time we got back to our car... so efficient and fuss free.

Each car has an eTag which works like our ERP. The charges will then be charged on the day you return the vehicle.

Two adults, two children (4 and 6 years old) and two elderly

Our trip itinerary is based on two kids and two elderly hence generally are more slow paced. Generally, the southern part of Taiwan is slower paced compared to Taipei and places of interest might not be as much. However, I do enjoy these non-hectic city and take in time to enjoy the sights and scenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For adventure seeking adults or with teenage kids, definitely can add in more activities :)

Day 1: 
Touched down at 10.15am, collect rental car near HSR station. 

Spot the monkey
Lunch at Blanc De Chine (

If you like antique, this is the place to be. 
Check in to hotel, at night had dinner at LiuHe Night Market.
LiuHe night market 
Visited the famous Kaoshiong Formosa Boulevard MTR station.

Clothes and shoes shopping at NanHua night market.
Day 2: 
Lunch at Chia Yi on our way to Alishan.

Choo choo
We arrived in at FenQiHu late afternoon (do plan to reach before it gets dark).

FenQiHu is a small town on the way up to Alishan. It is known as the JiuFen of central Taiwan. If you love JiuFen, then you would love this place. It does drizzle a lot (just like JiuFen) so do bring your umbrella along or borrow one from the hotel.

Some additional information of FenQiHu town:

Do note the timing for hot water shower.
Unfortunately the shops here are more laid back than the ones in JiuFen. Most of the shops are closed when we reach as it was raining. We asked around and apparently, when it rains the shops closes ...

Tea tasting...
We settled for quick dinner in room and rested.

TIPS: Do check the weather in Alishan as the road towards the top of the mountain are closed sometimes due to poor visibility or landslide. 

Day 3:
The hotel provides morning walk around the town to know more about the history of the town.

Old antique coffee-house in FenQiHu. 

We drove up to Alishan for lunch, took the famous Alishan Forest Railway and visited the Sacred Tree (ShenMu Station).

Do note there is an entrance fees just to enter the Alishan Forest Recreation Area even if you just dine there.

Entrance fees NT 300 adult, NT 10 kids and NT 100 for car.

And additional cost for taking the Alishan Forest Railway train 

All to see the infamous tree...

Alishan tea
Day 4:
We checked out from the hotel and today will be heading towards KenDing.

A short coffee break at Yun-Pu-Gu Cafeteria with tranquil view.


Pass by the TianChan and DiJiu Suspension Bridge and of course, we had to walk the bridge (for eternal love).


Late lunch at this teapot chicken restaurant...

Reached KenDing in the evening and the kids went to the beach. 

While the parents washed their clothes...(this is the one and only coin operated clothes washing shop according to the boss of our guesthouse).

Day 5:

Loving this shot.
For dinner, we had this amazing sashimi at HouBiHu town (lots of restaurant, all serving affordable sashimi, take your pick)

Cute dogs at our guesthouse.
Day 6:
Visited museum in the morning before lunch at Picollo Polpo, Italian restaurant for Father's Day Celebration.

Picollo Polpo:
Picollo Polpo
Played at the sandy beach once again before leaving KenDing, heading back to Kaoshiong.

Dinner at night market in Kaoshiong.

Day 7:
Cijin Island for fresh seafood lunch and bring back some local products from the indoor market. Very affordable price.

Takao British Consulate Museum is our next stop. Embark into a journey into history but be prepared for a climb up steep staircase.

Love the architecture of the building
Day 8:
Final day, we travel back to Singapore.

Chilling around Dream Mall while waiting for our flight time.

There goes a 8 days 7 nights trip! We have spaced out activities to allow the kids to rest and even nap on some of the days. It was an enjoyable trip and we had lots of nice food throughout the trip. Weather is great for most of the trip except the few days in Alishan when it was raining.


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