Winter in MELBOURNE 2016- Day 10

Day 10

It is almost towards the end of our holiday...Today is basically a free and easy day as we are all pretty exhausted from the travelling for the past week. There are still a few attractions that we could visit today (puffing billy, Werribee Zoo, Brighton bathing box, Heatherville Wildlife Park) but we just want to chill and have a slow day today, enjoying our last full day in Melbourne instead of rushing to tick off attractions off the list.

In the morning, we woke up at 9 plus, have a simple breakfast in the hotel, some yogurt,strawberries, biscuit, milk and orange juice...

Cutie taking a bottle of orange juice from the fridge on his own...
So cute to see this independent boy carrying one big bottle of orange juice all by himself..
I am gonna pour my own juice! *feeling accomplished*
After breakfast, we just laze around in the morning, watching TV and shower. We only got out of the hotel at 12.45pm, heading to The Hardware Societe for lunch. This cafe is also on the Must Go Melbourne Cafe list which we found online..

It was drizzling so we brought the hotel umbrella out...
There was a long queue today, as we are out late and it is Sunday...We only manage to get a seat at 1.30pm.

After a long wait, we are finally seated..

The review online is really good but we are pretty much disappointed with the food. 

We had the baked egg which is one of their speciality but I find that it is nothing special and the sausages inside the baked egg is a little too salty for my liking...

Baked egg with bread
We also ordered poached egg with mushroom, this is probably the best dish we ordered today. Flavourful mushroom with nicely done poached egg.

Salmon with poached egg is all right but nothing fantastic...
Salmon with poached egg
Coffee is good, luckily
Overall, we are a little disappointed cause the review online is really good and the price is higher than the other cafe in Melbourne city so we are expecting a better quality of food. We are satisfied with the coffee and poached egg but baked egg is a no no for us. 

We finished our lunch at 2.15pm and we hop over to Budan Brother Cafe for another cup of coffee. The cafe is really small with very limited seats so we just took away a cuppa coffee. The coffee here is not as good as the one served at Manchester Press or The Hardware Societe, so we are a bit disappointed. 

We walked leisurely around the city centre which we have not explored properly since arriving here 2 days ago.

We went back to the hotel at about 3pm for the kids to nap. Meanwhile I went to H&M again to do some shopping. 

At 5pm, we woke the kids up and head over to our secondary school mate house. They have moved here couple of years back and settled down in Melbourne so we paid them a visit and had a wonderful evening chatting away. Kids also had fun playing with their children. 

Time to play...

Love this cute photo!

We went home about 11 plus and packed our stuff as we are heading home tomorrow! Time flies....

Final day:


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