Pulau Ubin Half Day Trip (Singapore)

It was a Saturday and hubby just got a last minute idea on a trip to Pulau Ubin. It is my first time visiting the island despite staying in Singapore for many years now.

We parked our car at the car park near the ferry terminal and bought the ferry ticket, and off we go!
Car Park
Ferry Terminal
Operating hours for the terminal. They also serve ferry to other destination besides Ubin Island
Timing depends on the passenger. Once they have twelve passengers, the boat will depart.
Prices is very reasonable at $2.50 per person
The ferry ride is only about 5-10 minutes and you will reach an island which has an entirely new feeling. You will definitely not felt that you are in Singapore at all. Lush greeneries, old shophouses, very laid back and clean air. There is no skyscrapers and no hectic lifestyle. 

We rented bicycles and went cycling around the island...

Bicycle for hire..
Definitely a good exercise for us ... cycling and chaffering the kids as well...

Little one feeling sleepy
And he is off to dreaming land...
After cycling around the island, we went for coconut water to cool down...

Yum yum.. very cooling and refreshing
For lunch, we ate at Sin Lam Huat
The food is very good, fresh and nicely done.

Stir fry kampung chicken
Stir fry potatoes leaves
Steam fish
We did wake boy boy up for his lunch....and desserts afterwards
And we finish with a cooling ice cream for desserts
My matcha red bean ice cream
After lunch, we went for a walk at the vegetable garden...it is a great opportunity for the city kids to get to know the trees, vegetable and fruit tree.

Winged bean

Definitely a worth while trip if you are not sure where to go for a quick weekend trip or even school holiday. There are some chalets on the island if you would like to stay longer. 

Do bring enough water as you would tend to sweat a lot from the cycling... if you do not want to cycle, walking around the island is also another options.


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