Winter in MELBOURNE 2016 (Rough planning before the trip and Emirates flight experience)

We had visited Perth for winter for the last 2 years so this year we wanted to visit a different city for a change. Ding dong a few choices and in the end, we booked our Melbourne trip 2 weeks before the trip (again another last minute trip).

If u also book ticket last minute like us, hopefully my quick guide can help a bit in the booking of hotel, planning etc. So this is roughly what I did....

After booking the air ticket, we took a couple of days to finalise a rough itinerary before we start searching for places to stay. So, the plan is to stay 3 nights at Phillips Island , 3 nights along Great Ocean Road (at 2 different accommodations) and last 4 nights in Melbourne CBD. Thereafter, I start to slowly planned a more detail itinerary by looking at the location and opening hours of the places that we wanted to visit with a focus on animal encounters/park/activities for the kiddos as we are bringing our two little cuties along for the trip! I have not had time to research on restaurants so we just had to do it along the trip. 

Then, it is time for packing and since Melbourne is much colder than Perth in winter, we had to bring along our super thick winter jacket. Cant wait to see the duo wrapped in the cute thick jackets running about. Since we had lots of luggage allowances this time round (30 kg each) so we bring along extra luggage bag for our shopping loots!

My Perth winter travel tips, the tips is for Perth but besides the winter clothing which you have to bring super thick ones to Melbourne, the rest is pretty similar:

We have planned a couple of learning activities as well during this trip so stay tuned to see what it is :)

So the day has come and we reach the airport about 2 hours and 15 mins prior to departure.

There is no Q at the check in counter but upon checking in, we were told that the ETA is not valid.... upon asking, we realise that the dates is valid until 12 June 2016 but because hubby had change his passport couple of months ago, so he had to apply for a new ETA. So, we had to apply one additional ETA at $50 (Usually if you apply online, it is $20 only but we were told that applying online might not appear in their system immediately so we had to apply via the counter).

ETA application:

Make sure apply at least 1-2 days prior to departure dates to save $$$

Checking in....
Most airline now offers 30kg of baggage allowances so we will have 120kg of baggage. We only have 31.7kg now on our way to Melbourne .. Hopefully we get lots of shopping done and maximise our baggage allowances on our way home!

2 checked in bag on our way to Melbourne 

The two cheeky one playing while waiting cute!
Pretty model for the trunki...
A shot on me by our little photographer
A photo opportunity before the check in gate...
After checking in, time for the kids to play... need to use up their energy so that they get a good night sleep on the plane as it is late night flight, reaching Melbourne in the morning.

Huge playground
Playing time

While waiting, hubby and me just grab some quick bites and coffee.

Time to go...!!! Lets go!!!
On board EK404
This is the first time kiddies are taking Emirates so they are pretty excited plus we had been taking budget airline for the last few trip so this trip they are looking forward to all the free food and on-flight entertainment that is provided. To them it is free food, free toys ... but daddy actually had to pay extra for the flight... well, we will just save on food/hotel so that the kids can have a different flight experience this trip!
Girl and the mummy

Enjoying herself...
It is an A380 double decker and inside is pretty new and advance with nice, cool flight entertainment controller. We can start watching in-flight movies even before the plane take off as all the earphone is provided before departure. Touch screen, huge screen and great variety of movies! Love it!
Cool control
Flight attendant is friendly and kids get lots of free toys. Activity book, drawing pad, colour pencil and a soft toy that comes with a blanket too! Wow!

One of the flight attendant also mention that we can take photo using the polaroid camera and get the photos as souvenir but in the end, he didnt come around to help us take...oh well....
Free toys!!!
Soft toy with a blanket! Wow! I want one too!
Lots of meal choices and kids meal is pretty good. Besides the meal and cute looking cake, they get a titbits box with biscuit, milo, chocolate, sweets etc.
Kids Meal
I ordered a low fat low cholesterol meal and it was ok. Not fantastic but at least it is healthy. Hahaha! and I get to eat first as they serve all these "special" meal before the normal meal...
My low fat low cholesterol meal...
White wine
Enjoying, eating and watching
I also bring comfortable sleeping pants so that the kids can sleep better rather than wearing jeans for the whole journey. So little one all changed and ready to sleep. Some food and movie, then it is time to zzzZZZ!

There is also free WIFI on board. How cool is that! You get to stay in touch.... free wifi is for 10MB only but you can pay USD$1 for 500MB which is a super good deal for on-air wifi.
Free wifi on board
There is also a camera on the plane and you get to watching the outside of the plane... like a bird's view... super cool too!
Camera on plane
Ok, lets just sit back and enjoy the flight. Oh ya, for the 7 hours flight, we get two meals. Dinner and breakfast :) Kiddos slept after the first meal so I just takeaway their second meal for them to eat when we reach Melbourne :)

Day 1-- heading to Phillips Island and we had great time at Penguin Parade


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