Hong Kong Macao Travelogue March 2016 -Day 3

Today is more of a rest day for us (unofficial and unplanned actually). Upon waking up in the morning, I was down with diarrhoea and vomited a couple of times.

Dad went for a fishing trip with my cousin today. Mum and me were supposed to be exploring the New Territories of Hong Kong, hitting the shopping mall. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well so I ended up eating medicine and slept for almost half a day.

I was feeling a little better when I woke up at noon so we decided to take the ferry across Victoria Harbour to the mall opposite. 
Across the harbour and we are now in New Hong Kong

From our hotel which is located very conveniently on Nathan Road with lots of buses. We took Bus 1 that goes directly to the ferry terminal. You can also take bus 1A, 2, 6 etc. Just check the bus route at the bus stop signboard to see which bus goes where. 

Once we are at the ferry terminal, we took the ferry that is bound for Central Pier. You can use Octopus Card for the fares and it is only a couple of HK$ dollar. It is super convenient and it only takes about 10 minutes and we are across the harbour. 

On board ferry
Happy mummy
View at 3pm. No sun and very foggy. Dreamy...
Across the harbour and we are now in New Hong Kong
Meanwhile, dad and cousin had too much fun so they decided to extend their half day trip to a full day trip. 
I checkout out the location of Pier 5 as we are planning to go to Cheng Chau Island tomorrow. Then, we walked across the overhead bridge to IFC Mall. I still don't feel too well and it is way past lunch time. We saw this pastry shop which is pretty popular (lots of people eating) so we join in the crowd. Mum had a couple of pastry and I had a cup of tea. 

The pastry is really nice and look super pretty too! 

Mum enjoying her strawberry danish...
It is nice and we even bought a loaf of plain bread for me to munch when my appetite is back. 

After afternoon tea, I still doesn't feel well. Plus there is really not much of a sales going on to perk me up, hence feeling tired, we decided to head back to the hotel via MTR. Underneath the mall is the Hong Kong station and from there, we can walk to Central MTR Station and we are back to hotel in a couple of stops.

We rested back at the hotel until dad is back from his trip. He had fun fishing and they went for an early lunch plus some shopping too.

Dad is tired and wanted to rest so mum and me went out for dinner and then we are going to see the daily Symphony of Lights at the harbour. We ate at the diner opposite our hotel and it was surprisingly very yummy. Mum had baked rice with beef rib and it is so delicious. I still doesn't feel well so I only ate a few mouthful. Mum loves it. I ordered a drink and even if I didn't I still have to pay the minimal charge of HKD$18 (Some diner in HK have minimal charge)

After dinner, we took the MTR to Tsim Hsa Tsui Station and walk to the Harbour. We pass by the majestic Peninsula Hotel and took a peak inside. Nicely decorated I must say with lots of nice carving and paintings. 

It was pretty chilly at night and foggy. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of tourist waiting to see the daily Symphony of Lights. 

Some watching it from the harbour like us. Some on board on boat.

Ancient Chinese Tank which now act as daily tour for tourist who wants to view the lights from a different angle, coupled with some drinks.

View of the harbour..

At 8pm sharp, the show begin :)
It was pretty foggy so the high rise building's light is obscure. Luckily still have a few shorter building which we can see the lights. 

After the show, we walked to the newly relocated Avenue of Stars (which is now called Garden of Star) which is pretty far away from where it used to be. The original location is so convenient, can watch the Symphony of Lights and walk the Avenue of Stars. Now have to walk pretty far, no wonder there is hardly anyone at this place. Though I must say the backdrop is really pretty too at night. 

To go to the Garden of Stars- alight at East TST MTR station and follow the signboard.

With that we ended our Day 3 and tomorrow will be our last full day in Hong Kong before going back home!

Day 4-http://blessedlittletravelers.blogspot.sg/2016/04/hong-kong-macao-travelogue-march-2016_6.html


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