Family Trip 2017 @ Cameron Highland, Malaysia (Day 5)

Today marks the last day of our trip.

Early morning, grandma, grandpa, my sister and the kids went and visit the hotel's farm. Besides strawberries, there are also lemon and it is HUGE LEMON!

After having some breakfast in the room, bread etc, hubby and me went to check out while the rest went to Smurf Inn nearby to have a look. 

Smurf Inn is located in this area Royal Chateau which also houses some double storey private houses.  There is a horse carousel inside and kids had fun playing.

Next up, we went to Lavender Garden. It has lots of lavender and a great place to get your photos done cause it is pretty and lots of nice photo spots. There is also a strawberries farm inside and you can pluck strawberries here as well at a much cheaper rate than the one we went (RM 10 for 200g of strawberries).

Entrance fees to Lavender Garden costs RM 8 for adult and RM 5 (Kids 5-12 years old). The price had gone up quite a bit since we last visited. 

Photo at the entrance...

Getting tickets...
Happy Justin...
Different breed of lavender (from Japan, China)
Mummy and me...
Nice one...

Mei and her family ...
Happy girl who loves all the pandas...

Supposed to be an all girl's shot... Jayden came and join too !!!
There is a cafe at the garden so while the guys rested, the rest of us went for some photo taking....

Cafe selling strawberry coffee, strawberry milkshake, strawberry cake and lavender cake. Strawberry milkshake is nice, recommended. The coffee on the other hand, has a very slight strawberry taste only... quite normal... lavender cake also just so so....

Cameron Lavender

With grandma...

We left Lavender Garden around 12pm and everyone is full from the cakes and drinks from the cafe, hence we decided to go to Gunung Rapat near Ipoh to buy some famous biscuits (Heong Peah) and then lunch. 

Famous Heong Peah

For lunch, we had noodles at Kwong Hong Restaurant. It has nice Yong Tao Fu Noodle and you get to choose your own ingredients. For noodle, it can be dry, soup or in curry. 

It was crowded when we reached and waited a while to get seats. Noodles are good. 

Restaurant Kwong Hong


After lunch, we are on our way back home! 


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