Winter in MELBOURNE 2016-Day 2

The next morning, everyone wakes up, feeling energised after a good rest. We had breakfast at home and got ready by 10.30am.

Drinking water while sitting on his favourite exercise bike. He says its for kids cause the size is just nice for him.
OOTD shot before leaving the house
A photo by the porch, we are ready!
Explore the backyard before leaving, otherwise will be all dark by the time we get back!
First stop for today is the Koala Conservatory Centre. It is included in the 3 park passes we purchased yesterday. 

Some fun facts of Southern Koalas
So where is the koalas kiddo? "There! We spotted one"
We spend about 1.5 hours here. There is some fun facts and exhibition at the centre (koalas diet, digestive system, population etc) and a broad walk/park which visitor can walk around, having fun spotting the koalas. The koalas are a big high up on the tree though so we can't see clearly plus they are sleeping most of the time during the day. It started drizzling when we are halfway through so we had to cut short our broad walk experience.

Overall, I am slightly disappointed with this attraction. I would think it could be better with more koalas to be spotted. nearer to visitor as the entrance fees is $12.50 for adult. Compared to Yanchep National Park in Perth which is free, I have seen more close up of the koalas and there are also kangaroo, ducks roaming around in the park.

Oh, there is another koalas
It is around noon when we are done with the koala conservatory centre so we went and watch some car racing at the Grand Prix Circuits. There is a race going on and we stood outside to watch.

There is also a daily tour at 2pm (one hour tour) if you are a big fan of car racing...

The two boys waiting for the cars
We ended up at Shearing Shed for lunch.
Colouring activity for the kids while waiting
I had moscato while hubby had beer. Both is very nice and refreshing.
Very nice moscato!
Love the fireplace, kept us warm as it is really cold outside.
Kids have spaghetti
I had a light lunch, quail with risotto (and it is really very small!)
Steak for hubby (quite nice but pricey)
Look how small is this!!
Overall, the food is good but the portion is really too tiny and for the price, it is not worth it. I love the moscato though and the fireplace :)

Note: It is only open for lunch on weekend. Weekday only open for dinner.

Next stop will be Churchill Island Heritage Farm. It is located on Churchill Island as it name suggest.

Churchill Island is a small island located off the coast of Phillip Island, separated by a all vehicle bridge and it is open from 10am to 5pm after which the bridge is closed.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by a herd of highland cows grazing gracefully on the grass just next to you, magnificent sight!

We even stop by just to watch the cow, like many vehicles do.
Highland cow! One of my favourite animal!!!
Once we are done admiring the cows, we went to the Heritage Farm which is also included in the 3 park passes which we purchased on Day 1.

There are many activities on the farm which you can do (lamb sheering, milking the cow, wagon ride, watching the sheep dog work).

Do note that the activities are mainly in the afternoon so do plan your visiting time if you would like to do all these activities. Also, the wagon ride is only available on weekend.

Lamb Sheering
Huge turkey roaming around...
There are lots of animals at the farm and kids had fun observing the animal. 

Do note that there are geese as well and do take caution not to disturb them as they BITE!

Waiting for sheep dog!
There are also a couple of heritage houses and garden to walk around...

Garden with flowers even in cold winter!

We found a nice leaf! We are keeping them!
Lavender bushes
Couple of tables are situated at the farm, one could chill and rest while the kids run about. Scenery is great too. If you are hungry, you could grab a bite at the cafe which overlook a great view!

On our way back, we stop by to see more highland cow... Love it! I haven't seen this cow in more than 10 years after seeing it for the first time in Scotland .....And the cow in Churchill Island actually origins from Scotland, a gift to Melbourne!

Grazing away...
Drop by Purple Hen Winery for wine tasting. It costs $5 for wine tasting in most wineries in Melbourne (compare to Perth which is FREE). However if you do purchase from them, then the tasting is free... 

Bought a bottle of Merlot and once it is aired, it taste wonderful!

To side track... Justin accidentally touch the electric fireplace at the winery and got burn pretty badly. He was crying non-stop.. I heard wonders on this ointment previously and I bought a tube in HK couple of months back. Applied it for him and it really heals within 2 days. So, we bought few more tubes back home (to standby and for gift to family).

** From my research, it is cheapest in Big W, selling at $4.95 per tube!

Paw Paw Ointment...
We next went to Woolworth to get more titbits and here comes our activity for this holiday trip.

We teach the kids how to read the price tag and to choose a toy less than $10. After buying the toy, they have to familiarise themselves with the toy (colour, how to play etc) and then they have to SHOW and TELL everyone their toys (in both English and Mandarin)

We grab a quick dinner at Wing Ho (a chinese restaurant) and settle with a set meal for 2 person.

Now it is time for show and tell after a nice warm shower.

Show and Tell activity
Explaining the different animal that belong to different princesses...
How to brush the toy's fur
And Justin's turn...
The car that he bought...
How to play.. how to turn right and left...
It was a fun activity. They learn public speaking and how to explain the toys in terms of colour, function and why they like it... You could try it with your kids. They are delighted too as they get to buy a new toy!

DAY 3-


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